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England’s Most Beautiful Destination: The Lake District | Free Nature Documentary For anyone looking for England’s most beautiful view, here is where to strike …

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  1. Free Documentary - Nature says:

    If you fancy yourself an amateur detective à la Agatha Raisin or Miss Marple, you will feel right at home in Cumbria, the county in which the Lake District is nestled. Grasmere, Conistone and Windermere belong to those idyllic hamlets one associates with cosy crime.

    Aside from lots of lakes, mountains, forests, there are castles. One in particular deserves an honorable mention: Muncaster castle is according to Mr. Muncaster (actually part of the Pennington family, who’ve lived there for 800 years straight) the most haunted castle in England.

    Now, how does that work? Frequency of hauntings and howlings? Ghost sightings? Who determines? Ghostbusters? One thing for sure, it is also an owl sanctuary and has owl shows which are most impressive. We’ve experienced one such exhibit. The 90,000 visitors each year help with the upkeep (If Downtown Abbey taught us anything, it’s that maintaining an estate is a pricey affair, especially if there’s an extensive upstairs downstairs thing going on.)

    There’s much more to this area than the haunted castle. Come along for a tour of one of England’s most beautiful places.

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