empty hands versus the knife with Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje, Jr.

members area has more empty hands versus the knife with Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje, Jr.

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  1. Lamar Davis says:

    In my opinion the more complex the response, the less likely of its success. These cluster of moves or techniques are too complicated for real life. They are okay for demonstrations but to take them as reality will get you hurt or killed. Bruce Lee was correct, simple, direct and non-classical.

  2. Biostatic says:

    and finally if you dont believe me take a flight or whatever go on a Tim Waid seminar pick your traing knive do all your fancy stuff and say cmon Tim show me what you can il take it, i promise you you have not even a chance!

  3. Biostatic says:

    and you cant compare your thinkin and phylosophe with the philippines, they grow up with FMA tha means PTK is primarily made for weapon use (The Knife,Bolo, Sticks etc.) so whats your point? its the same if i you with no martial arts background and never had a fight in real life must fight against a 6 ft,2 tall guy who does Boxing,Muay Thai or some MMA stuff, you would go down in seconds… same is for FMA combatants they would kill you in seconds if they have no way to retreat,,,

  4. Biostatic says:

    to much movement? first of all Leo shows how to exercise this stuff, its just drill and so on, and tho those guys who say do it with real speed and and blablaa, for example a boxer or thai boxer spend hours on a training bag or just sparring with a partner, the same dings you do in PTK. second in most 90% cases the knife attacker isnt skilled and you with your knife even with full speed wouldnt stand a chance against a skilled FMA combatant like Leo or Tim Waid.. you guys have no clue sorry

  5. Lam Dav says:

    Too much movement to me. Six and seven moves is way too many for empty hands let alone dealing with a knife. It is inconsistent with the principles of being simple direct and efficient.


    1. 45 caliber pistol was invented because of FILIPINO KALI WARRIORS THE MOROS cannot be stop by .38 Long Colt PLEASE CHECK THE 45 CALIBER HISTORY

    2. Ferdinand Magellan DEAD at the BATTLE OF MACTAN ARMOR? can not protect you against bamboo spear and KALI.

  7. pekiti says:

    the first thing he does is go forearm to forearm with the knife and slap the guy. Besides running, going to the left side of the knife and going to the right side of the knife, what other options are there?

  8. bae313 says:

    Oh, so now you are agreeing that what we are seeing in THIS video is b.s.

    Let's stick to the facts… You have nothing on your channel showing YOUR martial prowess and rather than showing us your ability to do anything like in this video at full speed vs. a committed opponent, you start talking fantasy and calling people names.

    I am done with you.

  9. bae313 says:

    As I & others here have echoed, SHOW US THE STUFF IN THIS VIDEO WORKING FULL SPEED VS. A COMMITTED ATTACKER. I never said FMA doesn't work, my style incorporates a lot from FMA.

    This vid shows the WORST that happens as a style cannibalizes itself as it attempts to LURE students by selling style over substance. As modern science teaches us, under duress, fine motor skills fail & fancy techniques fail.

    My expertise comes from 100's of real fights vs. empty hands, clubs, knives & firearms.

  10. AJB679 says:

    if it didnt work why the hell would our Alphabet agencies, special ops units here and abroad use FMA to train them in knife and hand to hand combat. you have no clue what you are talking about. you watch one video and take everything out of context yet give your opinion as if your some kind of expert. pfff. please get informed before making yourself look ignorant.

  11. bae313 says:

    As I say in one of my videos, IF ONLY we lived in a world where running or having a bigger WAS ALWAYS AN OPTION. Unfortunately that would be fantasy land.


    In the real world there are MUCH MANY MORE confrontations where a guy with a knife attacks someone without a weapon. BAD GUYS AREN'T LOOKING FOR EVEN FIGHTS. The art you study should focus on having you ready for reality, not fantasy.

  12. ashrai242 says:

    Go to the Pekiti Tirsia trainer of your choice, preferably one who spent some time training with GT Gaje, practice for a while and then see for yourself – the more commitment, the better PTK works.
    The video shows "fancy stuff",which Grand Tuhon presumably only demonstrated to make the guy understand some of the principles the system applies. Standard PTK knife defense is way more simple and sturdy. Besides that, PTK teaches never to fight a knife empty handed. Run. Or get a bigger weapon. 😉

  13. Meme Machine says:

    Yes, just like you said, it takes a lifetime of practice to actually make these valuable techniques.
    The problem with that is, nobody is going to come at an old man with a knife when he has a fucking lifetime of training against knives.
    They're just gonna shoot that guy, and stab the other fucks.
    Shoot the guy that doesn't look afraid, the one that is calm and breathing normally.

  14. bae313 says:

    Let's see it work just one time at full speed vs a committed ongoing attack.

    This is all just "dissecting the corpse". The attacker is following the script and is acting like he is dead before he finishes the thrust.

  15. silatguy says:

    Generally yes, these techniques would be difficult and will be. But Tuhon has a lifetime of experience with angles, leverage, timing, he is a master of the blade…….i wouldnt want to be the one attacking him with a knife. I think the whole reason to train empty hand vs knife is to get better at surviving, plain and simple

  16. Meme Machine says:

    So can a kick to the balls.
    Bite his face and neck, hug him, wrap your arms around his so he cannot move, and eat his face.
    This is a much more likely way to save yourself.
    But you will later be on the news for cannibalism, you will then go on to write a series of books, and live a very successful life.

  17. AJB679 says:

    depends one what you consider ''working'' if you are using empty hands against a blade you are more than likely going to get cut. these techniques are examples of ways to increase your chances of survival. a poke in the eye can be quite effective.

  18. Meme Machine says:

    Yes this all looks very lovely, but it never works in real life situations.
    The knife/sword/gun always wins, in that exact order.
    History proves this.

    Although if it is just some teenager coming at you with a knife because he's poor as fuck and needs money, he's most likely hoping he doesn't even have to use the knife.
    This is the only time these techniques are effective, I learned this shit in karate as a kid.

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