Emerson Knives deployment speed using the Wave feature – CQC-7V & Gentleman Jim

This is a video showing the deployment speed using Emerson Knives Wave Feature. I am NOT a knife fighting expert, but with the WAVE it’s simple to get very …

22 thoughts on “Emerson Knives deployment speed using the Wave feature – CQC-7V & Gentleman Jim

  1. Zach K says:

    I've owned 4 emerson's so far and I can honestly say I'm not a fan of the wave feature. My most recent is a CQC7A with the drop point blade, which is waveless. I understand the concept behind it, and it was a ton of fun to play with when I had my others, but as far as keeping training universal the wave limits your options when using other knives. If you get too used to opening with the wave, and suddenly have a different knife in your pocket because you decided to carry that one instead for the day opening it, expecting the wave, and not having it is very hampering. I prefer the ones without the wave to keep knife drawing techniques the same across the board. Just my .2 Thanks for the video

  2. J Biren says:

    I can open my CRKT flippers just as fast out of pocket. I keep my finger on the flipper lever while it's in my pocket, and as I draw it, as soon as it's clear of my packet I'm already in the middle of pulling that lever; by the time my arm is in position to strike, the blade is out and locked. That wave feature is cool though, I'm looking into getting an Emerson or two myself.

  3. Windsor Kid says:

    Tactical knife training with open hand combative training. No one should own a Karambit without extensive training. My 27 years in Silat is the statement. My Karambit is the exclamation point on the statement. Train!

  4. David Cahan says:

    Why do you all people constantly, CONSTANTLY, go off on freaking tangents all over the place instead of just showing the freaking feature you are trying to highlight right away and THEN going back to show tangents. It's the single most annoying thing with informational videos, especially knife ones. That said, good information. Very thorough.

  5. CAPOC38A says:

    Emerson has made a gimmick niche with the WAVE. It is simply a horrible concept. You must compromise your grip on the knife in order to draw the blade and then you must release a full grip of the knife in order to secure the knife in a proper grip. Sure it's fast to draw but it requires fine motor skills to properly manipulate this feature. And we all know what happen when the SHTF. Slow is fast and fast is slow is a SHTF moment.

  6. grimey 5.56 says:

    And I thought assisted was fast. Great video. Im still learning and that is an amazing feature on that knife. I have been looking at emerson and wondering why a majority of their knives have this tech and now i know why. They dont explain this method much in the description, but you do! How much time before you have that method down where it is second nature to deploy the blade?

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