33 thoughts on “Emerson Combat Karambit 1 hand drill

  1. Roberto Miranda says:

    Mrkitanai- why do people flip balisongs around??? Because you can. Not every technique is combat oriented and this or twirling balisongs is not. When it comes to combat Mr. Emerson knows the ins and outs of how to take a target out. Plain and simple.

  2. jonconsiglio says:

    Keep in mind when watching this video that this is only one of many drills, not a tactic or how to use that drill. There's a huge difference. Emerson teaches many different things, including immediate take downs and life ending moves, which would not be appropriate for his videos. What you'll see on the videos and the classes available to civilians are just drills to add to your toolbox. He has many military and LEO only classes as well. Here's a serious dude that knows his stuff.

  3. GoogleUser says:

    @bloykunker Ernest Hemingway was a World War 1 Veteran. He was wounded while operating an ambulance for life, hence the book 'A Farewell to Arms', his drinking, and eventual suicide may have gave him an edge to go berzerk.

  4. GuitarGuy057 says:

    @SROairsoft There is no opinion in my arguement, just fact. YOU are the kid basing things on an inexperienced opinion. So instead of taking truth and knowledge out of this like a smart person, just crawl into your hole and pretend to be a spook. Often times you don't have a chance to draw a gun before a knife is pulled on you and your best bet is pulling your own knife and ending his world. Instead, rely on the gun you couldn't draw while he stabs you repeatedly and takes everything you have.

  5. GuitarGuy057 says:

    @SROairsoft As warriors, we all fucking know which weapon is which, which you so brilliantly pointed out. Imagine, guns being more effective for far away targets, vice knives being effective for close quarters; that in mind, why do you think Mr. Emerson teaches knife fighting? I'll give you a clue, NOT FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE FAR AWAY! He teaches Emerson Combat Systems, a CQC (close quarters combat, if you haven't guessed) course for people who wanna learn how to fight in close quarters environments.

  6. GuitarGuy057 says:

    @15yearoldairsoftschmuck Nooooo… guns, which projectile things are good for long range, while knives, which are handheld, are good for close quarters? That must've taken a while to figure out.
    Again, you know so much in your vast millenia of experience. Yep, most criminals are mentally inept, which is why most of them get away with it.
    Right, sardonic misanthropia aside; everybody who follows Emerson are usually seasoned combat vet's or their ilk, warriors regardless.

  7. GuitarGuy057 says:

    @SROairsoft Cops CARRY KNIVES, asshat. People just don't pull knives and sprint at you. They wait until they're right next to you. Emerson knows this, he trains CLOSE QUARTERS COMBAT. Not your little fairy-tale world where all criminals have the IQ of a fruit pie.

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