Elite Military Knife combat technique breakdown

My philosophy is to always go positive and Analyze the technique realistically and honestly as possible for the purpose of making it better suit you.

5 thoughts on “Elite Military Knife combat technique breakdown

  1. Gaza Llewellyn says:

    Great stuff man, original method looks fast and fancy but very dangerous. Your changes make it more realistic and turn this into a chain with potentially 2 seperate parts: 1. is initial contact restraining the attacker, if they're too strong then release and hopefully you get away with a free cut on the arm, however if the clinch continues then you move into part 2. targeting the kidney and hamstring. Short and easy to train but an invaluable drill, cheers.

  2. DownWithThePlague says:

    I like how you move off the opponent's attack line and disturbs his balance as you move in; in my experience, if you don't do these things, you're rolling the dice as to who will get cut, so to speak. Also, loved the way you switch hands, going to try that.

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