Elite Gun Fighter vs Elite Knife Fighter | Ep2 | Marcaida vs Zero | Gun vs Knife

46 thoughts on “Elite Gun Fighter vs Elite Knife Fighter | Ep2 | Marcaida vs Zero | Gun vs Knife

  1. Bryan Duruin says:

    this is much more better than the video of the police facing front a knife attacking him, the police almost have a hard time pulling his gun on the holster and the knife guy stabbed him easily.. the police have done the stop position on the video

  2. Garantia COBIA says:

    The thing here is: Nothing beats the element of surprise, not even the best training, there are a few other things to learn, you just can't draw on a drawn gun and there will not be much fight in you after the first cut of the knife.

  3. Universal Kombat says:

    This is why it's important to do Judo, BJJ, Wrestling, or hell, even Muay Thai, and mix it in with some combatives. In real life, you wont be expecting someone coming at you with a knife until they're already within arms distance Grappling and striking will teach you how to react to that horrible real life pressure, and hopefully maybe even score wrist control, or enough distance to draw your gun.

  4. portaccio says:

    If you see a knife appear during a row just run like fuck. Try doing those rolls on a concrete floor, pavement or road and not on a fucking crash mat. You'll fuck yourself up. Any self defence instructor worth his salt will tell you to run. There are no winners in a knife fight no matter how skilled you think you might be.

  5. gymowner123 says:

    I look for 440 stainless, with a 3 1/2, to 4 inch blade, most are self opening or assisted opening. I always carry a knife along with 1 or 2 firearms. Sometimes I will carry a 3" Karambit instead of a folder. The Karambit is a fixed blade, I have 2 that I favor. Both are in a sheath on my right side or with my folder on my left side,  only because it can't go in the same pocket. or interfere. with my pistol, and I usually carry a 9mm single stack in my rt pocket. This makes it easy to walk into a situation with your hand already on your gun. Always in a remora holster. I usually carry a PM9Kahr, because it will fir in any of my pants pockets, and is the smallest 9mm I feel comfortable with. I carry a Glock as a main sidearm when I wear a belt and am going out to a public place, still carry the Kahr. I rotate between a 19 and 26, with 1 extra mag for each, and 2 for the Kahr, because it only holds 7 rounds. If I have 2 guns I seldom carry extra mags, if I do it's 1 hi cap 9mm mag since they both use the same mags "the 26 and 19" I will carry a 17 round reload for use in either, that's 32 rounds of ammo, if i need more, I am probably going to die. But there are more in the vechicle.

  6. WEkurtz79 says:

    I'm sure that there's more videos of their demos. But for this particular video, i say that the distance Doug is maintaining as he trust the knife is far enough for Zero to defend himself. If end up in that situation I'll be standing a bit closer…

  7. ดุสิต ชายคำ says:

    เห็นคลิปคนติดยาบ้าไล่แทงตำรวจ จริงๆไม่ต้องล้มก็ได้นะ วิ่งหนีก็ได้ อยู่ที่ความเร็วและความแข็งแรงของคนหนี แต่การล้มแล้วเยียดขาเพื่อบังและถีบ ช่วยยืดเวลาการโดนแทงได้เยอะมากเหมือนกัน เอาไว้ใช้กรณีประชิดตัวจริงๆแทนที่จะเอามือรับมีดก็ล้มลงเลย แต่ความจริงคือต้องวิ่งหนีนะเมื่อโดนไล่แทง ระยะห่างน่าจะซัก2เมตรตามยากอยู่ มีเวลาจับปืนมายิง

  8. TJ Jones says:

    I see his point of falling to avoid getting stabbed but that changes things….if you were to drop like that in a shopping center on a hard floor the shock from the fall would take longer to get your sites on target….if you miss with shots your stray bullets are going to go up and not just straight….if something happens that he beats you to it you are now on your back on the ground where he could slice in dice. Im no expert but for the average joe vs the average perp this would be bad. If you train on how to fall properly and shoot while on your back it might be ok. But not probably for the average Joe. Still a neat idea to keep options open.

  9. theo carbone says:

    The think both of these men are quality. Zero: In hind sight do you feel you needed to apply angles to defensive draw? Clearing your right leg/foot after roll…lay it flat…for clearer line of fire?

  10. Mike l. says:

    Drop, roll fire. It works! In my case, very small hide out gun, against hatchet. The tactic works folks! I'm a retired maker of Fighting Knives, and I can telly you. Ill take the hide out hand gun every time!

  11. tiarnan says:

    Why doesnt he just carry a gun AND a knife – and with one hand he can use the knife to defend himself, then sneakily with the other hand he can draw the gun and unload his lead.. "pew pew pew, take that, ha you wasn't expecting that was you!!, ha look you is dead now!!!"….

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