Elite Gun Fighter vs Elite Knife Fighter Ep1 | ZERO & DOUG | Gun vs Knife

Mythbusters experiment done by subject matter experts. This new mini-series by Funker Tactical explores multiple angles, scenarios, operating conditions and …

22 thoughts on “Elite Gun Fighter vs Elite Knife Fighter Ep1 | ZERO & DOUG | Gun vs Knife

  1. Neal Linville says:

    Hey Funker Tactical.
    What knife does Doug Marcaida like to carry as an EDC? REALLY?
    I carry a Cold Steel Recon XL Folder ,BUT according to my sales Paper they sent me they are DISCONTINUING The XL's So If you want One Get It NOW.

    Combatives,Gun,and Knife ,

    D. Neal Linville.

  2. James Danger Harvey says:

    I carry a cold steel GI Tanto openly on my vest left side, and use to openly carry ridiculousness holster on my right side vest. one is a tool, and one is a weapon. I think knowing both is fundamental. I've trained Krav Maga for many years, and train militia. no matter how bad ass the operator is. When the gun is empty there better be some epic hand to hand to back it up. great idea for a series study guys! at night, even Rambo's knife is invisible.

  3. LasTCursE69 says:

    Well considering the time you have a person is more likely to try fight the knife attacker off with his hands and when he a better position then draw and shoot his ass.. not pull gun when he is running at you

  4. caleb9608 says:

    If this actually happened, the knife guy would likely be dead, and the gun guy would be in the ICU, or possibly dead as well. I say that only because the gun has a higher mortality rate than the knife.

  5. Stealth Approach says:

    come on.. gun fans and knife fans.. they're giving us tips.. don't get butthurt when someone is saying whichever side will win.. In life situation its not about winning its about surviving..  -.-

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