Electro Shock Knife SILAT Training Defense 2



Electro Shock Knife SILAT Training Defense 2 The awesome MAUL MORNIE shows further insight in how to TRAIN with the Electro Shock Knife. It’s not a …

39 thoughts on “Electro Shock Knife SILAT Training Defense 2

  1. Daniel Malloy says:

    try staying that close to someone with a knife in reality….Check out actual knife fights on youtube and you will see they keep distance until they dont, it aint pretty but it is real

  2. Siddhartha10100 says:

    I love all the keyboard masters. Complaining and asking for real life fight. Situation. But they dont even have one video showing their incredible skills and real life videos fighting with knifes.

  3. Bronze Tiger says:

    Very good. Knife fighting techniques from a man FROM A KNIFE CULTURE. All the clowns talking about the parner moving slow or unrealistic are morons.TO TRAIN YOU NEED A REFERENCE POINT! TO TRAIN YOU NEED A "COOPERATIVE "PARTNER AT FIRST!!! The training gets more real and "alive"after you get better! ! The military doesn't just throw a gun in your hand first day and shoot live rounds at you!;There is a PROCESS AND PROGRESSION TO EVERYTHING IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO BE GOOD AT SOMETHING(driving,screwing, guns and knifes).As for the comments of "nobody moves like that",look around YouTube, look at the knife attacks, many people DO MOVE LIKE THAT BUT YOU CAN'T SEEIT BECAUSE YOUR not skilled and only see "flurries",just like a newby sparring first few months;you DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU SEE BECAUSE YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING YET.

  4. Talip Gunes says:

    You forgot to tell your students if two people fight with knifes one will be dead and the other will be in the hospital there are no winners . from what I see you will be dead with those techniques.

  5. cony.!! pls animes says:

    but the agility of the other guy is so slow. the blade user will alway be more trained than this parner as he is acting in this time. he didnt use pahtom mimic etc many trick out there, he didnt swing the blade like a asasing does. make kind o natural faying.

  6. Combatinho says:

    I have never seen one of his videos that was worth a shit. His teaching style is horrible. Plus he always trains with robotic zombie attackers. For as real as it gets check out the dog brothers.

  7. The Atlantean says:

    It's good, I love his teaching. I been in 1 knife fight, a botched robbery. Very sad, I got stabbed right through my hand and didn't know it and I stabbed the guy in the neck. All I did was trap his arm but if I hadn't trained in FMA and some Silat I am sure I would have been hurt much worse. I went to hospital for my hand…the other man died. Knife fight is no joke, life is gone in a fraction of a second. You can have serious injury and not even feel it. Thanks to god my hand is healed. But if people doubt the utility of this training, think again. It saved my life. I never look at this thing the same again.

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