Effects of Adrenaline in a Street Fight

In a street fight, you cannot stay clear-minded and focused – and you don’t have to be, as long as your training is up to snuff. You will have to rely on your reflexes …

44 thoughts on “Effects of Adrenaline in a Street Fight

  1. Dark E.T. Naga says:

    t's not fear it's called being smart and knowing when to ignore fights … at first i was like ill beat him to pieces and then adrenaline kicked in for no reason and i started to feel like a pussy … and ill tell you im far from a pussy lol it felt like i was losing my strength … i felt like a brick before that shit kicked in … it's scary ill tell you that … and i hardly get scared of anything

  2. Licky Time says:

    Ever since I blocked 2 punches from a big guy in secondary every time I get into a serious fight I get an extreme adrenaline rush and I gain up to double my strength in some cases, but why did I only get adrenaline after that event? Why didn't I get any before

  3. landyn mclemore says:

    You turn your adrenaline into potential energy , do away with anger, always keep your eye on the target, clear your mind so can can achieve this, fear is a construct of the mind, it like all other emotions, act like a brake, that slows you down.

  4. Bruce Lee says:

    I got into a fight at school with a bully and he tried getting in my face , without any hesitation i gave him a fast jab then left cross then he hit the locker, i hooked punched his head about 2 more times then he tried hitting back but was able to block and then the teacher pulled me back .

    The adrenaline was crazy because my hits were so hard that my fist started hurting the next day .

  5. Alec Von Reichter says:

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  6. Norie92 says:

    I got into a fight a month or two ago. I have known for a while that I don't really produce adrenalin in these situations and the fight just proved it for me. I was thinking 100% clearly and the guy did not land a single punch. I blocked every one of them ( he threw more than 10, maybe 20), and I landed one of my own ( I only threw the one).

  7. Noa Gomez says:

    i work in sales, and i get an adrenaline rush from it. i actually become a better salesman when i am high on adrenaline. i can think a lot more clearly and talk a lot more fluently. i don't believe its the same with fighting lol but definitely a great feeling. I'm always tired the next day though. or am i confusing adrenaline with something else?

  8. Andrew mcelroy says:

    when i got into a fight at school i could only see in orange no other color it was like i was playing left 4 dead like i was infected i just went to town on his ass it was weirdi didnt get hurt

  9. andy_pandy says:

    Could you help me? My adrenaline makes me lose control, as in iam watching and iam deciding whether to hit or not but iam losing control, its hard to explain but anyways i need help on controlling it. I don't have a short temper

  10. Justin Albinder says:

    Just subscribed man your videos are great. I've learned a lot from watching your videos and it pays off in my classes. I love martial arts and do most things from Kick Boxing to ju jitsu to Krav Maga. Keep up the good work

  11. David Martin says:

    I really love your videos, they bring me down to the earth and remind me of the fluid nature of real fight, since I train Karate and I have this tendence to be really square and rigid…..

  12. Restayvien says:

    Great advice. Once I learned to use that 'nervous' energy to make my movements snappier and to help with explosive movements, my sparring in tournaments improved dramatically. Although the scenario is different I hope that if I end up in a self defense situation on the street, having learned to accept and use adrenaline will come in useful.

  13. TheSeeker008 says:

    I just subscribed to your channel. Great stuff. I have an issue. When I get threatened or am in a position where I need to fight, I don't get scared but I freeze up and can't talk and am ready to fight. If the fight doesn't happen, I stay in that state for about half hour and later I get pains in my lower back. Lower back is connected to the nerves of the brain and maybe its the adrenaline. I can't control it. Any advice? thanks.

  14. TheTransporter21 says:

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  15. funkman70 says:

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