Effective Knife Grips with Michael Janich

Edged-weapons expert Michael Janich, who’s featured on the cover of Black Belt’s September 2009 issue, discusses the …

9 thoughts on “Effective Knife Grips with Michael Janich

  1. hunter march says:

    ok so I see this all the time… people hold they're knife pointing down and they put they're thumb on the blade… if ur knife is upside down when u start a fight u have almost no time to turn it back which means you gotta fight like that. there is only 1 slicing motion and 2 jabbing motions when u do this. when u hold it right side up, sharp side in and hold it with your thumb in… you have 5 slicing motions, 3 jabbing motions and u can dish out more holding right side up. EVERY COMBAT "expert" does these same mistakes. and then they take peoples money and teach them shit they think they know but they don't. you'll get killed listening to these guys

  2. Eleven Bravo says:

    I happen to live in Arkansas where its legal to wear a knife of any length and carry a 7" knife at all times. That being said, I personally prefer the saber grip for expected situations such as Investigative : Discovery scenarios, and the ice pick grip in unexpected scenarios. The saber grip gives me a fluid, natural, and wide slicing motion, with quick reaction times. I can draw my knife faster, and land more repeated blows faster in an unexpected situation with the ice pick grip.

  3. billy pilgrim says:

    A very experienced person in martial arts told me that for ME personally, because I was going to be in defensive situations, it was best to hold it in reverse grip. He proceeded to show me how using natural punching motion it was difficult to take it from me in the fist grip & how also every attempt to take it from me resulted in deep cuts in the attacker. This guy was wicked with a blade, the way he used it reminded me of that video of Doug Marcaida.

  4. Medeiros says:

    myself I prefer the hammer grip…
    More retention to the blade, less chance of loosing it during the struggle..
    Unfortunately it gives you less accuracy on the cuts, but since I mainly use stabs, not a big deal for me.

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