Easily Sharpen Any Knife – Two Cent Sharpening Trick – Knife Sharpening Boot Camp #1



Discover How to Easily Sharpen Any Knife – with a Sharpening Stone – Using My 2 Cent Knife Sharpening Secret Weapon. It’s crazy simple and allows anyone …

22 thoughts on “Easily Sharpen Any Knife – Two Cent Sharpening Trick – Knife Sharpening Boot Camp #1

  1. Pearl Caster says:

    THKS for detailed data re: angles and use of wooden bevel to use on stone for correct angle!!! Being past my three score and 10 and a former math teacher, I appreciate brevity, concise data, and clear English language w/out obscenities and personality injections.

  2. Gage Durham says:

    Really. I'm not trying to go on a rant but if you need a guide to use a sharpening stone then you shouldn't be using one in the first place I'm 13 and have always used a sharpening stone for all of my knives and never learned on a guide

  3. Jeffery Bowers says:

    When I started I sucked at it, it takes time and practice to learn the ways of knife sharping its something you don't learn over night, i watched a bunch of videos here on utube to get the idea of it, but now I know how to sharpen a knife, I use Dmt plates and then strope it☺☺☺☺☺

  4. 냄새꾸리꾸리한 발까락 says:

    I usually bring my knives (particularly the expensive ones and those with Tanto style blade) to a good friend of mine because he has been sharpening/honing all types of knives since his childhood.

    The first time that I tried to sharpen a knife, I made a horrific decision to try it out on one of my expensive, fixed Tanto blade knife. The end result was that I screwed it up big time by rounding off the secondary point (the point which connects both edges of the blade), which ended up literally connecting both edges instead of keeping then seperated!

    Ever since this mishap, I've made few more attempts on much less expensive Tanto knives. Now its one of my hobbies 🙂

  5. greg early says:

    my god..really…e=mc2 go get dirty take some outdoor trips to the wilderness not the city park. seem like you mean well…get covered in stink blood and maggots fecal matter..live the suck…screw gimmicks..…back to basics you don't need all that crap ur promoting.

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