E282: Your EDC Kits Made Astoundingly Useful



EDC Kits are just as important, if not more, than BOBs. And like bug out bags, they are often built incorrectly. Your buddy Just Carroll drops by for a realistic …

One thought on “E282: Your EDC Kits Made Astoundingly Useful

  1. Robert Patter says:

    Rescue Essential has a belt mounted first aid kit that's useful. It's called CCAT. All in one kit.
    Those collapsible water bottles are nice like the Hydropak.
    What else?
    Eddy Bauer has those $20 foldable backpack that are good if you want ultralight . Water activated toilet paper is small . Which have multiple uses. WITR pad and pen. Cash in large and small denominations. Actual water in a hard container is useful. As is a headlamp with a red light and a handheld flashlight.
    Sabre makes a gel pepper spray.
    A sea to summit drylite towel is good too.

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