Dynamics Of Urban Combat & Tactical Firearms Training

Kocom’s mission is to present a real world training experience utilizing real world training methods. Our training is designed to push the student beyond their …

21 thoughts on “Dynamics Of Urban Combat & Tactical Firearms Training

  1. Davy Jones says:

    I look like security contractor school such as academi "blackwater" or triple canopy and in thoose environments you are on your own NO air support, NO extractions, and NO reinforcements so when a few get the shoot frist and ask answers later mentally you can be judgemental as your chicken shit ass sits at home watching youtube.

  2. johnny102marvin says:

    Looks like people are getting ready for Dec 21, 2012 when the Mayan Calendar strikes midnight. Seriously, I am amazed at the large number of people who are packing and taking this tactical courses. Preppers are becoming more tactical and military everyday. A lot of preppers now have night vision. What's next?

  3. Malone Labe says:

    Working in a Penitentiary I can tell you an individual can still fight and function after receiving numerous stab and slashing wounds. Except for a lucky hit or cutting some major tendons, it's going to be a long, bloody affair. You had better be in it to win it. As far as weapons tactics goes, if you are advancing, moving to cover, etc. if you have your weapon pointed at the ground you are nothing but a target. Better have the weapon up and ready to engage.

  4. SteelBustingBiker says:

    Really, under the rules of urban engagement, they're no rules. This video only fortifies the belief, Just start shooting at anything that moves. So..don't know how to make sense how this training is going to make it any safer for those on the wrong end of the barrel? Where's the goddamn "No Hit" targets or is it just clear anything out scenario! As for the Combat knife examples….was on TV 50 years ago on British Commando tactics during WW 2 footage. Not dissing your work, just thinking?

  5. xance1 says:

    @perreterecon How fast were you typing for that response? Anyway blade or no blade, sometimes a situation does call for a kill at that distance. Just suppose the "bad guy" is the difference between freedom or being hauled in front of a video camera to be decapated on T.V. and you don't have suitable long ranged weaponry to effectively deal with the "bad guy". You must also consider that bare hands are a deadly weapon. Therefore CQC is nasty but necessary.

  6. perreterecon says:

    @xance1 i dindnt say of stabing a guy once, or twice or even 80 times, they key is that you dont have to kill at that distances, yust try to learn some self defense, (im saying this if the "bad" guy is unarmed)

  7. xance1 says:

    @perreterecon So what your saying is stab a guy once (the possability of that wound resulting in immediate death being prety unlikely) and then what? Wait for his counter attack, apologize for causing pain and anguish to his person? If a person is attacking you in such a manner that you have to use a blade for defence, then that motherfucker is going down.

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