Dynamic Wing Chun Defense | Detailed Breakdown | Core JKD Wing Chun



Ming gives an in-depth breakdown of the dynamic bong sao to ton palm strike. Rebel Wing Chun Vol 1: Rebel Wing Chun Vol 2: …

4 thoughts on “Dynamic Wing Chun Defense | Detailed Breakdown | Core JKD Wing Chun

  1. Jon says:

    I 100% agree on what you are saying about real fights. I am a former Professional MMA Fighter, BJJ student and 15 year LEO.
    People who get stuck on perfect technique in the real fights will get their heads knocked off or suddenly realize that nothing goes perfect or as planned in a fight. Especially when there are no rules and you're on the street. You have to adapt your perfectly practiced technique to the exact situation at hand. And it will rarely, if ever, be the same variables as when you practiced it.
    I enjoy your channel and your videos are helping me to expand my mind in regards to real fighting situations and techniques to be aware of as well as help me to improve my own techniques.
    Thank you and please keep making the videos!

  2. David Williams says:

    Great video. Her Bong [if the pressure is too great] should actually allow her to accept your force and pivot her [free spine] into the line of attack [using your energy alone]. If the stance is correct, she'd move like a turnstile accelerating her off-hand attack and bringing her rolling Tan in line. This is more advanced, but in truth, she does not even have to step if she has proper structure: straight spine. The spine is like the hinge of a door. Or, perhaps, like a tether-ball; free to rotate, yet fixed or "centered".

  3. PlaymateHubby says:

    Hmm, whoever gave this video a thumbs down apparently hasn't purchased a single instructional video of Ming or even viewed several of them here on YT. Of course, better than any video is actually attending a seminar or being enrolled in his school. Not that it's fun being on the receiving end of locks, strikes, etc. L

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