8 thoughts on “Dynamic Knife Attack Scenario – Code Red Defense

  1. welshdragon2008 says:

    Block the 1st maybe 2nd swish of the knife, then Snap kick to the chin. He wont get up from that! And to finish, i would bury his knife into his leg or shoulder. Turn around and walk away. Preferably to Starbucks.

  2. Jeffrey Forrester says:

    Try waiting for your opponent to swing the blade toward you, grab him behind the shoulder and the forearm and kick his knee in when he's turned. As he falls to one knee and you still have control of his arm use you other arm to strike his elbow and break it.

    If your opponent holds his knife in a stabbing motion use your force to make him hit himself with the butt of the knife while maintaining control of his wrist. Combo with low kicks to the knees and croch!

    Don't dance with your opponent people… That's why Nick got stabbed and slashed several times in this video!


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