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26 thoughts on “Dynamic KNIFE ATTACK – 6’7 ATTACKER – LESSON 3

  1. Pride and Honor says:

    You are with your girlfriend soo you cant run and leave her ? What she cant run?
    And that parrying with knife doesnt come from any system or martial art you will just get cut…
    You should run but if your ego is too big and dont want to run then stay out of range,kick to :groin,knee,shin and look for opportunity to trap the hand with knife…

  2. 17x17 says:

    you said it yourself, you should run. what I'm missing is the shout to your girlfriend to run while you keep the attacker there. after she ran away you might be lucky enough to do the same. and I don't understand why you fight him barehanded. you have a jeans and a jacket, there must be something in your pockets to throw or to use against the attacker. though I have to admin, that you won't have much time. just my thoughts. thanks for your videos.

  3. Very Serious says:

    Shouldn't you also tell your girlfriend to run? I mean, if she's a liability (no fighting experience) then the first thing to do should be to get her out of the picture. Even better would be to tell her that earlier in a training session.
    I don't know how common knife attacks/robberies are in this neighborhood, but if it's more common then you should both carry a gun so you can protect each other. If the perpetrator is alone he'll likely flee immediately, unless he's on drugs, but then you can at least shoot him.
    Also, if you live in a dangerous neighborhood then what do you think about Metatron's advise of wearing a strong, light chain mail underneath?

  4. tim gersh says:

    if your really good with fighting with somebody who is armed then you have some math to do, what he is after is my money which is atm $50 or i can get stabb and i have to ed and then i have to go for stitches which is $50 recover

  5. 1milvies says:

    Let's say the girl isn't a damsel in distress. How could a couple take down a knife wielder? Two guys just died while defending a woman from a knife wielding psycho.

  6. Rooroo92 says:

    Nick you recently asked about suggestions for new videos, as unusual as it might seem, what about defence against an attacker with 2 knives? Forward or reverse grip/ both?

  7. NothingMaster says:

    Excellent advice, as always, Nick. Yes, definitely run away if you're alone and have the opportunity. Use a gun if you're legally carrying one. If, on the other hand, you're forced to face the knife, then your jacket (or some other improvised item) could serve as a shield while kicking and trying to close the gap to deliver a strike, GIVEN you have the time to do that. Knife attacks pose some of the most fluid and dangerous self defense scenarios in my experience; specially if you have to face a knife expert using a Filipino, or even a reverse grip.

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