Dynamic Kali Knife Fighting complete DVD

Barry Cuda Yedwabnick complete Dynamic Kali knife fighting dvd. Kali lessons in Las Vegas barrycudakali.com.

5 thoughts on “Dynamic Kali Knife Fighting complete DVD

  1. Jay Teea says:

    I like this teacher a lot. He's an ENJOYABLE character. A great practitioner too! Most importantly, it is manifest that he has a HEART OF GOLD, in sharing this wonderous and truly awesome art with the world, including with people like me, who have no money.

  2. Frank F says:

    I do understand that the drills are for reflexes as well as MM. Also, empty handed parrying dosnt work with out a blade against anyone who knows what their doing. I.E. If I have a knife and you don't your not going to parry my arms I will cut you e every time as you would do to me. It only works against the uneducated.

  3. Frank F says:

    Just so I'm clear about what I just watched. You are checking his arm after you cut him? Even if you check simultaneously can't he cut your arm by simply pulling back? He can also back up as he is doing this. Btw, anything that I bring up I've have tried with some of the best people around. I consider you guys top top level knife fighters but , for people who don't know much it might be better to explain verbally some of the finer details. People could get the wrong idea .

  4. alvin jones says:

    You guys are great, but on you opening comment no knife fighting art is "the best in existence" just the best in existence FOR WHERE IT DEVELOPED…. thats why not all systems are the same.
    People wear differnt kinds of clothing and different cultures of violence…if that wasnt so all people would have evolved a system that was exactly the same

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