Durarara!! – Izaya's Knife Skill



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40 thoughts on “Durarara!! – Izaya's Knife Skill

  1. Zeref Daimao says:

    I'm 4 days late for announcing we've reached 2 million views together on this video. Thanks!

    The credit is all yours, I'm just a content creator, it's a hit or miss to reach skyscraper heights, it's not that high I'll admit, better than none. Still, it's a pleasure, the comments been awesome too, like you all tbh.

  2. kenneth haryanto says:

    Let us take a moment to feel sorry for whoever always has to clean up after shizuo and izaya everytime they fight. How is shizuo not in major debt… Then again he'd probably beat the shit out of anyone trying to make him pay for it. Hell he'd beat the shit outta the debt itself

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