Dune (2/9) Movie CLIP – Shield Practice (1984) HD



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48 thoughts on “Dune (2/9) Movie CLIP – Shield Practice (1984) HD

  1. Phillip Mele says:

    Y’know when I first saw this I was weirded out by the shields, but in seeing them again they strike me as very visually appropriate. Dune’s aesthetic has always been very ornate but old, and the shields look like they’ve been made to work “well enough” while still being visually striking. I know the “real” i.e. Doylist reason they look like that is insufficient CGI tech, but on a fictional level it wouldn’t surprise me if shields were produced to look like that. A series of flat planes would be simpler to project than a curved shape.

  2. Owen Doud says:

    I think people that complain about anything in movies are missing the point. Just like the author of a famous book, director and film makers have their own interpretations. I don't think this is a perfect movie, but I do think its a crazy fun one.

  3. avery brooks says:

    I can definitely see why this flopped. If someone hadn't read the book the entire scene comes off as awkward and weird, plus the fact that a bunch of people in the movie have strange sores on their faces makes the whole thing kinda gross to look at. Plus the scene itself, which could be an exciting and fun little action scene, is rendered completely unintelligible because of the fact that we can't see the characters faces at all because of the weird shield effect.

  4. TheCustomSWFigure says:

    Paul: Is this what you seek?
    Gurney: GOOD. The slow blade penetrates the shield.But uh… look down.
    Paul look down but felt something grabing his between
    Gurney: We'd have joined each other in death ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  5. dontbeshady411 says:

    so awful. everything. so awful. Thufir does not look like that. Patrick Stewart is not right for the role of Gurney. His accent is too posh. The shields are ridiculous even for 1980s special effects.

  6. Spongebathe830 says:

    i liked how the shields refracted the optics of the true position of the wearer. It's an additional barrier of deception. Deception being the key tool of powerful ruling types.

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