DUMBEST to BEST TYPES of Martial Arts Instructors



5 Types of Martial Arts Instructors that TEACH Self Defence. How do you know the person you have entrusted to teach you to defend yourself is the right person …

34 thoughts on “DUMBEST to BEST TYPES of Martial Arts Instructors

  1. Ed D says:

    I visited a dojo many years ago outside Boston to see in it person. The owner and students reminded me of Cobra Kai, bunch of thugs. There 5 mins and left.

  2. 2bjjones says:

    It's crazy that I was among this group that did just that where they would spar more than teach technique. What little I learned came from trial error but it was more a sparring session than actual class. Defeated the whole purpose. Then I had a sensei who didn't spar at all. More of the theory type though he did arm us with practical techniques. They just wouldn't be enough to survive a full blown street fight with a vicious thug.

  3. Nuetral768 says:

    Thug combined with academic, a little mystic and fighter… ultimately a great coach has enough of all to teach all… Combat, Art, and Spirituality are all goals of the martial arts… The hardest, yet most important, question is "What do I want out of this?"… answer that and the world bows, fail to answer and you will bow to the world.

  4. Adi Andrei says:

    Hello. Just a sugestion. In my opinion, it's better if the sound level of the music is much lower than your voice. In this video, for example, there are moments when I have go back and listen again, or in the room to be total silence. It's not a big problem, of course! 🙂 Thank you, Mark, for your videos, they are very interesting and learning material!

  5. Alexmarr7224 says:

    I've taken many different forms, encountered many different instructors. I learned a powerful lesson when in one school, I was cocky and needed a lesson, and I got it not from instructor but a fellow student. I was paired up with a stereotype nerdy kid, had to spare him. As I said I was cocky, I was fast but he was smart. He mopped the floor with me. I learned a hard lesson in front of a crowded school…Never ever underestimate your opponent.
    I am VERY grateful for harsh lesson and we became friends. Sometimes you need your wings clipped before you get yourself killed for acting like an idiot.

  6. ONDAT AZZ!! says:

    Eucalyptus Oil for Malaria and a few other viruses and Elderberry Syrup for all viruses… Black seed oil stops every disease except death and it's anti viral.

  7. Alex Stewart says:

    I love my academy as it has all the positives you mentioned here.
    Can’t wait to get back sparring with my wing Chun brothers and sisters when all this virus nonsense blows over.
    Stay healthy people.

  8. get off my lawn says:

    You perfectly described the "know it all", who cannot be taught anything. My most unpleasant experiences have been with these types, especially when you demonstrate to them a better, more effective method in front of other students. They don't take it well.

  9. bkLEGION3000 says:

    You forgot the "Athletic coach" The teacher who is or was pretty good at martial arts but his true talent is inspiring you as a spotter. The Sensei who is always there shouting "ONE MORE, AGAIN, LAST TIME, THAT WAS WEAK, MAKE IT COUNT, OK LAST TIME". This is honestly my favorite type. They get the most out of you regardless of your skill and just want to see you push yourself.

  10. bkLEGION3000 says:

    This is EXACTLY correct. My last instructor was a total Douchebag competitive type. Class was just 20% exercise (that he did not participate in) and then 80% sparring and every time you landed a clean hit or take down he would either turn it up 100% to show he was still better or come up with lame excuses, "Oh i slipped on the mat", "I pulled something yesterday". And he was one of those, "My martial art is the only one that works" guys. Once I figured out his shtick I was gone.

  11. Doctor McGoveran says:

    you asked a question "how could these people possibly help you in a self defense emergency?"para phrased, but the answer is in the statics not the teacher. 90 % of the women attacked by strangers who made a loud noises and fought back were successful in thwarting the attack. For these women the mystic may be the best if he just gave them a few tips on wing chung and they believed, as they may have lacked the physicality to benefit from your high quality wing chun instruction.If a woman was screaming rape rape rape at the top of her lungs it is clear she is in trouble.If all she did was lay on the ground, grab something and scream rape rape rape, as self defense she has a 90% chance of the guy running away. In america where I live we have guns, and every has one math wise.If you are attacking a woman here and she is yelling rape rape rape, you are hearing a loud bang bang bang, from a movie in the back of your mind.It does not matter who taught her to yell and fight.

  12. Chris N. says:

    i fell in love with bjj and luta livre. my first bjj behring bjj coach sadly was a dick and not a good inspiration… now im on the loose for 18 month now… hard to go to mat back again..

  13. Ras Alghul says:

    The dude who acts all Zen and Asian and grew up in a white suburb is the worst. He actually believes he possesses some bullshit superpower when in reality he is a poseur douche.

  14. This is BAXTER says:

    My gym/teachers is like a family. The best students watch out for the inexperienced and the experienced guide the determined. The competitive aspect comes in when you learn everything and spar…

  15. Steve A. says:

    There are not alot of classes for real street fighting techniques around here, there are a bunch of classes where you have to become one with the Butterfly and you dont learn anything. Alot of paper Tigers teaching around here. I get what l need from you, Guru Badass.

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