Dual Wield Dagger vs Rapier – Rick vs Nick



Time for something a little different. Rick has trained Capo Ferro rapier, as well as Meyer rapier and military sabre for about a year now. There have been …

23 thoughts on “Dual Wield Dagger vs Rapier – Rick vs Nick

  1. Mystery47 says:

    The lesson to be learned is – BIGGER IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER. The tip of a sword increases your reach but once your opponent smothers your sword or blocks it then you are, basically, unarmed. I've seen in gun magazines that a knife is more deadly within 10' than a gun. If the gun is deflected or the shooter misses with his first shot then the knife guy will be within arm's range and have multiple opportunities to slash and stab.

  2. GregTom2 says:

    A lot of these rapier slaps on the limbs would not be fight ending, whereas every single exchange won by the daggers would be the first of a flurry of attacks that would be unforgiving.

  3. Ivory Mantis says:

    What about keeping one of the daggers in an icepick hold, to act more as a defensive, deflecting weapon? That way you essentially have what looks like the length of the forearm protected to act as a mechanism for blocking and then thrust with the extended dagger?

  4. MartinGreywolf says:

    One thing that really jumped up at me was just how much an off-hand dagger would help the rapierist in discouraging the running in. Without it, getting past the rapier's point (as hard as it is) pretty much means you are safe, with an off hand dagger there, not so much.

    That probably explains why they were much more popular than bucklers with thrust-catching doodads.

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