Drunk Karen Starts Insane Street Fight In Britain



Crazy Drunk British woman starts the craziest street fight you’ve ever seen. Edited by: The Uk Media Watch …

31 thoughts on “Drunk Karen Starts Insane Street Fight In Britain

  1. Andrew Vernon says:

    I really wish there were subtitles or something. I had extreme difficulty trying to understand what was happening. I put on my headphones to see if I could hear it more accurately, but it's like they're speaking a foreign language. Who was fighting who and about what? If anyone could translate a short synopsis it would be helpful. I have questions!

  2. Beth M says:

    I really need someone to translate for me. What happened? What side is the dude in blue shorts on? He was pushing the crack Harley Quinn back but is joking around after.

  3. Beth M says:

    I speak English. They do not speak the same English everyone else speaks. I have NO idea what they were saying. None.

    Edit: crack Harley Quinn had a CLEAN punch at 2:16 or so. Clean. She literally punched the spit out of the crazy middle aged woman. WHOSE SIDE IS BLUE SHORTS ON?!

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