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Having a fast draw from your holster is a very important skill that needs to be part of every shooter’s regular training. However, just having a fast draw won’t …

29 thoughts on “Drawing from the holster against live assailant | Tactical Rifleman

  1. Me First says:

    There is a recent case in Brentwood CA I believe, the creep was on the porch with a machete in the middle of the night. The homeowner was not aware so did not confront him. But I kept thinking if I were in that situation and inadvertently confronted the creep. I don't think I would've drawn my CZ 75 carry in time for the machete hack. So some sort of body armor or kevlar would be better.

  2. PHIL HOLLOWAY says:

    Good reminder on how quickly the distance can close. Just remember there’s a time for talking and a time for shooting. We are not good at doing both at the same time. If this guy is continuously trying to close the distance and press his attack, he has demonstrated his intent to kill and or grievously injure us. Finish the job of stopping him prior to talking. Also ask yourself is there an immediate requirement to take him into some kind of physical control or would it be better to back off to a position of cover and call for help. There are no absolutes only options based on circumstance.

  3. conundrum conundrum says:

    Commonly known as the Tueller principal in Law enforcement (I like reactionary gap). Many misconceptions about this principal. Most notably the "21 foot RULE". It was never a hard and fast rule, stating if a person is more than 21' away that person can't be shot by police. As demonstrated here, many variables can come into play. A more appropriate distance is now considered 30' or more feet from an armed threatening person, depending on weapon etc. One item to note is the verbal commands for the defender here. I would say shut your mouth and get to work, especially upon any closing of distance by offender. Talking slows reaction time and thought processes.

  4. stephane Blondiau says:

    Karl die better Than Marion Cotillard in the Batman Movie 😀 Seriously, do you think that a kinetic shot from the waist can be effective to stop or slowing the assailant? In this way, you're not exposing your arms to the knife?

  5. Jeff Stern says:

    Situational awareness still is a necessity for those of us that do not have the reaction speed of Bill Jordan. A point made in other presentations by the Tactical Rifleman team have ilustrated scenarios where your knowledge & practice of a couple of key brute force countermoves against a violent perp may give you the precious seconds to cleanly pull your EDC and get control of the situation.

  6. Jerry Marcin says:

    I was trained to touch my belly area to not shoot my support hand. I build my grip from the hip so i can shoot like a cowboy if needed and zipper ( learned the from here) up to my sight alignment. Leaning to shoot from the hip is a must.

  7. Chris Rich says:

    Does this make a case for a .45? If the first couple rounds are going to be the difference maker having even a little more power might make a difference in stopping a threat? Assuming center mass hits, any advantage with .45?

  8. WUTRUCASUL? says:

    Knives are no joke, and if someone's gonna get you with a knife, there's not much you can do to prevent it. You can kill then but you're going to get cut. Hope you have your trauma kit with you. Great video thank you!

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