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  1. United Studios Progressive Martial Arts says:

    Doug Marcaida- this is an excellent DRILL. I love the stuff you keep putting out, would love to have the opportunity to train with you someday! Unlike many commenters here, I can tell the difference between a drill designed to enhance the attributes that make a good fighter vs. actually fighting. I mean let's be honest- if we really trained realistically to fight with knives every session, we wouldn't have many training partners left. Attributes- timing, distance, speed, and control- these are the things that create someone with skills necessary to defend the lives of our loved ones. Just like when I train drills with sticks- it doesn't look anything like when the dog brothers go full contact, yet those drills are still important for developing necessary attributes. Keep up the great work, looking forward to more videos!

  2. 808Fdup says:

    Beautiful art, bullshit technique would never work tho..

    and WTF do you have your thumb off the blade waiting to be caught or broke… that tells me that you never really defended against a blade nor used a blade to actually stab.. when i was in jail i saw real stabbings and this bullshit would never have worked.. real knife attacks, needle or screwdriver attacks are extremely fast, explosive, violent and unrehersed, wierd angles too hard for these techniques to catch..

    also on a real blade using the thumb held out like that YOU WILL LOSE YOUR BLADE>>!!! train smart my friends!

    you are a great teacher, however youve become to hung up on teaching "drills" more sparring will weed out all that dumb shit.

  3. James Moore says:

    awsome job at the demonstrations.. your students should be very proud of the teachings with the control you have on the knife & teaching to control the opponent

  4. Robert Rodríguez says:

    Mister doug marcaida gracias por sus videos y su forma de en senar e aprendido mucho de usted no se como mas darle las gracias vivo muy lejos y quisiera algun dia habriara aqui en loos angeles un gim de entrenamiento para tomar cursos con usted gracias

  5. Tony H says:

    That was a basic training exercise to familiarize yourself with attack angles. Not to do it and then take on a navy seal. Obviously some people watch and comment for humor purposes. Top notch. You're ready for stand up now.

  6. cyril sagal says:

    reading messages for people who ask questions like they didn't know the answer..this videos shows the flow not the actual fight..its just showing you the basic..because no one starts in advance..just like going to school you have to learn the abc before you can graduate in college…if your opponent is 6'5 and you are 5'6..if you only use your mouth then basic is you wont win..but if you use your mind and what you have learned you might not win but atleast you wont be a floppy duck…just a thought.

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