Doug Marcaida on Instructor Zero | Knife versus Gun

Doug Marcaida talks about Instructor Zero. The Knife versus Gun series, their friendship and the idea of thinking outside the box and being fluid with change.

18 thoughts on “Doug Marcaida on Instructor Zero | Knife versus Gun

  1. Oscar Fullone says:

    You guys besides of been complementary, you are awesome. Great instructions from both.
    As you said "…it's just a journey", and I wish one day I'll share one journey with you.
    God bless you, family and the brotherhood :))

  2. Whisky says:

    Love them both and I love how passionate they are about their art. Both are amazing guys and they are brothers, brothers in arms. (wow that was lame :))

  3. DChief08 says:

    I wish I could sit down and talk to both of these guys, or take one of their classes and just learn. Not even learning about shooting, or knife skills, or any of that, I'd be happy to just listen to them lecture.

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