Doug Marcaida | Marcaida Kali | Fighting with a Hat

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46 thoughts on “Doug Marcaida | Marcaida Kali | Fighting with a Hat

  1. DNinja says:

    I've always said a person who can think combatively and think how to use anything as an advantage is a better survivor.

    I am repeatedly astounding how Funker Tactical keeps stating my same ideals and mind sets.

  2. Rick Schwartz says:

    We were taught with the old Navy crackerjack uniform to roll up a roll of dimes in the back of the neckerchief before going out on the town. If necessary it could become a fair, swinging sap that could knock someone out with a good smack to the head, and if you spent all you other money it was an emergency stash to get you back to the base.

  3. Lorraine Deziley says:

    people here that think they know everything and have to put you're 2cents in that, oh in a real knife fight that his teachings won't work against an attacker, he's not a weapons master for the hell of it or got it from a crackerjack box.. this man, Mr. Doug marcaida is one of the best in the world for a reason! I guarantee u get some idiot attacker to pull a knife on him or even any of his students, they will be the one walking away, this man is a genius and a great teacher and to second guess any of his work just shows how much of a half wit u are..

  4. Chad Bell says:

    I don't see why people think they have to performs very specific, "flawless," moves in order to win either. That's just sheer stupidity. I've always won every encounter I came into bc I know how to adapt and take opportunities when I see them. It's not that hard to do.

  5. Travis Lancaster says:

    He is absolutely correct and you dont hear that from most instructors…its your decision in that split second and going with no hesitation right into your attack ..because if you dont go now.. you have to mentally figure out and act on what is presenting itself now. …and you gave your opponent an opportunity now twice to make that sane decision. .I learned that being the smallest kid in class but was the first to go after someone if it appeared as if we were going to fight. Boom try to hit ya like a tornado….Thats the real question you gotta ask yourself do you want to be the tornado¿ or the debris ?…….its that simple

  6. Karlo Tvrtko says:

    Interesting. I use everything I can in a fight. Brick, cinder block, ashtray, bottle, beer mug, cellphone ( Samsung XCover 2 C3350 and CAT B15), I wear work boots with steel cap,. Strangest thing I used in a fight was bycyle.

  7. Gene Williams says:

    I do agree it is important to fight with a weapon but as soon as the hat came off it is now unarmed hand to hand. That is when hand to hand fighting comes in handy. I would say don't down play the necessity of training in stand up striking and grappling. As a Marine I assure you we do both

  8. eyespy3001 says:

    I'm sorry, but if you spend the time adding metal beads to your hat and wear it around everyday as a "hat weapon," you're a tool. Straight up.

    I've come across so many of these types of guys before, and they're always the same. They think they're living life in a video game, where everyone is a potential "enemy." Unless you're a bouncer at a bar or club, or a corrections/police officer, this is useless nonsense. (Cue the angry responses…)

    If you're spending the majority of your life thinking of ways to defeat people, you're either going out and starting fights or you simply have some issues that need to be examined.

  9. Asoka Mano says:

    You could always buy Dye Witness (spray that leaves mark on a criminal or attacker that can't be removed for days to a week, meant for Police to identify a person) and add tobacco sauce or pepper in it to spray into an attackers eyes. Anyone can buy Dye Witness, it only becomes illegal once you use it with something you added to it that hurts the eyes. You have to ask yourself what's more important, the law and being arrested for it or saving your ass from being raped or killed?

  10. T.L. Blackburn says:

    Then why were ancient Roman and Greek soldiers trained in wrestling? Why were medieval knights trained in wrestling? Why were the Samurai trained in Jujitsu? Why did Teddy Roosevelt invite skilled judokas to help with training cadets at military academies?
    The answer is because grappling has always played a very real part in combat of any and every kind. Frauds and charlatans like Doug Marcaida refuse to admit any of this because that is not what they teach and they want to impress people by pretending to be a Ninja Turtle. Grappling is the most realistic way of training to fight in a one on one scenario. For twenty years, MMA has proven this to be true. Any skilled grappler, be they are jiu-jitsu player, a judoka, or a freestyle wrestler, could embarrass this buffoon, even if he had his little toys with him.

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