37 thoughts on “Doug Marcaida | Marcaida Kali | Fighting with a Hammer

  1. Nash Fung says:

    In theory this looks great, but as a non-gun owner, I wanna know how in the scenario of a home invasion when you have no time to react, what can you do with a hammer in your night stand and still protect yourself with it? What are some of the steps you need to take after barricading yourself in your bedroom? Would love to learn that to protect my fam

  2. Stonewall78 says:

    I love watching and learning from Doug. The very traditional ideas of defense and weapons utilized during defense have largely been lost in many martial arts, and in America the concepts were hardly known. When training in Japan, I noticed the older teachers still have the concept of viewing everything around you as a tool, a weapon, and incorporate it into training. To see how each item is similar or different in application. And when in the Philippines, I noticed this concept is still present, it has never left the teachings. Sad too see however, that in PI the study of FMA is so much lower than the study of other international styles. Doug, and FT, keep up the good work!

  3. Titan11 says:

    I used to have no appreciation for Kali. The simplicity of other forms of self-defence techniques left me questioning why this would be useful. Hours of Doug Marcaida footage later and I'm really starting to see why this works so well.

  4. Pennconst101 says:

    I just wish I lived closer to his gym. in high school my buddies and I used to just have technique building sparring days with whatever weapons of opportunity we could find wherever we were training. I keep getting brought back more and more with the videos. thanks Doug.

  5. Alessio Yautja says:

    Please respond, camera man! I would dearly like to know your name. My reason being the initial shot of this video: even when Doug had you in an uncomfortable (and daresay I) and painful grip you manage to keep the camera centred. Its like being able to keep your rifle accurately aimed while being shot at, and I would like to congratulate you! 😀

    Thanks to Doug for allowing his experience to be documented and the (as of now) unknown cameraman who was willing to document it.

  6. Shaun Keefe says:

    I am curious as to the brand and style of the hammer used in the video.. I have looked around and I can't find one that is all metal. Most are polymer handles and do not have metal throughout the handle.
    Could you possibly let me know or give a link to the hammer?

  7. Rico Suave says:

    A wonderful demonstration on taking kali concepts and theory and thinking outside the box. I studied inosanto lacoste kali, loved it, currently trying to find someone in birmingham, al area.

  8. Jacob Thayer says:

    Consider this, if it's not the only weapon you have, and excluding a gun, you have an excellent projectile, having thrown, and been hit by thrown hammers. I know just how painful a fullsize hammer is. I'm sure a stubby could be just as painfull

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