33 thoughts on “Doug Marcaida | Marcaida Kali | Double Stick

  1. Mark Anthony Gernandez says:

    if this was the era of swords and shield// probably he could rival all the fearsome martial artist.. sadly this is the era of guns. that is why many people don't believe in martial arts anymore and they even ridicule it.. they only see MMA as martial arts.. so sad.

  2. Jerome knight says:

    This is one of the best explanation of how to use/ fight with a stick using arnis method and i totally agree with his explanation. But i wanna point out one thing though, siniwali is not part of the training to be use in attack or even in a fight. Siniwali is part of the exercise or calisthenics, but aside from that is two thumbs up for me. And the teaching manner he uses is like im watching my own master teaches. I love it

  3. Gamesturbator says:

    I had a group of cops me after Hurricane Andrew (I was doing armed patrol for some businesses) When I showed them my sticks it made them laugh hysterically. They had no idea how much they hurt. Needless to say I wasn't going to hit any of them to demonstrate, I just had to take the ribbing they gave me.

  4. jude con says:

    Too funny reading all these post! I like to see some hicks who thinks taking BJJ in a month can take on a guy who has practiced eskrima since they are 5 years old?

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