Double-stick & Empty-hand blocking drill

The following is a martial arts stick fighting drill whose movements translate perfectly to empty hand maneuvers. Each strike made with a hand containing a …

8 thoughts on “Double-stick & Empty-hand blocking drill

  1. karatefox says:

    Perhaps in the future I'll make a video where I tell what I'm doing 🙂
    In the meantime, I would be happy to discuss the techniques, or clarifly any ambiguous procedures on here. Feel free to ask, and thanks for checking out my video 🙂

  2. karatefox says:

    You have a valid point; the music can be distracting and even annoying if the viewer does not like that particular style of music. I would speak in my videos but I have two reasons why I would prefer not to: 1. It takes me a while to memorize lines, and having to do so perfectly while also choreographing the techniques would be very tough, and 2. Some of my viewers don't speak English; by writing the text, it is easier to understand and share information.

  3. karatefox says:

    Divya 😀
    Thanks for checking out my tutorial. That's awesome that you've incorporated Staff into your training routine; it's one of my favorite martial arts implements. Maybe you could post a video showing some cool Staff techniques ^_^

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