13 thoughts on “double knife standard and reverse grip drills

  1. KaliTherapy says:

    Great vid! This is really an underutilized training drill for basic six. At my school, we also do the two different grips in basic six and once a student masters the movement pattern solo, they train with a partner to practice flow (word of caution: if you do a two man drill with wooden/aluminum knives, put on mma gloves, I have bruised my wrists and hands too many times doing 2 man drills with this application until I learned to put on gloves beforehand).

  2. wmpyr says:

    what is commonly known as the Pakal grip is what I call the Mantis grip, it is one of the 4 major grips that I teach. sorry bro, I do not remember making any instructional videos focusing on this grip.

  3. Loyal2law says:

    I was thinking way ahead over this one, in fact, back in 2007. I was wondering on how to properly do this, when you have one knife in ordinary grip & the other in reverse grip. I couldn't figure it out………. until you made this video. Thank you. Thank you so much! I'll practice this. I'll definitely practice this! Thank you =3 =D!

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