Double Impact Seminar with Lee Morrison & Mattias Persson

Some highlights of the Double Impact Seminar, taught by Lee Morrison (Urban Combatives) and Mattias Persson (M.A.T.T. Combatives). The focus was on active self-defense and knife defense. The…

4 thoughts on “Double Impact Seminar with Lee Morrison & Mattias Persson

  1. Huge Saggy tits says:

    Lee Morrison is thug fighting nothing great about him what so ever. He looks like he’s got high blood pressure from all his training. I would rather learn Thai boxing or karate that that crap from lee thug m
    High blood pressure Morrison. Just thug fighting. Why not just buy a gun? No amount of martial art can protect you from self defense stuff. Buy a gun if people are so scared. Or learn to be a good sprinter

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