Domestic Violence | Women Self Defense Tips

Nick Drossos demonstrates how a woman can defend herself against domestic violence from a boyfriend, husband or any male attacker. Check out some other …

22 thoughts on “Domestic Violence | Women Self Defense Tips

  1. Irving Campos Lugo KEYSI says:

    it was way easier to sweep the feet with a push kick after the palm strike…he'll loose balance and be on a precarious position cause he'll be on his knees and as you are in higher ground you can go with a leg lock to the head…for instance…

  2. Fernando Wong says:

    LOL a groin kick? What's that going to do? No woman has ever disabled an attacker by kicking him in the balls. I've personally never been kicked in the balls, but I'm sure I'd be able to take it. You'd have to be stupid to try that hahaha.

  3. Alan Freeman says:

    VERY practical.. Good strategy overall, a total bombardment of things from the ladies side and moves that dont require her overpowering the assailant by way of strength. Here in Alabama where i am women think a gun in their purse is the answer to all attacks.. So sad.. =-( Nice and informative video Nick..

  4. dauntul says:

    this has to be the stupidest video about domestic violence I've seen. you don't understand that domestic violence is not a fight. the fight was mental and it is already over before reaching the physical stage. this is a worthless piece of information.

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