Dog Brothers and Gabe Suarez

This is the preview trailer to “Introduction to the Interface of Gun, Knife, and Empty Hand.” In it, the Marc Denny of the Dog Brothers and Gabe Suarez show how …

24 thoughts on “Dog Brothers and Gabe Suarez

  1. 50ThousandDigeridoos says:

    Suarez does pretty good work IMO regarding firearms but his knife work leaves a lot to be desired.  Especially the new "knife logic" that he currently puts out.  Try telling him otherwise in a respectful manner, though, and he puffs out his chest and gets incredibly indignant.  He knows far better and far, far much more than any other human being, of course.  Plus, he has to try to save face because if there are those calling him out it might hurt his business which is what it's all about, of course.  He has made that abundantly clear.

  2. bae313 says:

    @WalksWithNoFear Now you can give me all the excuses of why you haven't posted even one pic of yourself. I am sure they will be the same excuses I have heard from all the loudmouths who think they are different than other people who act the exact same way. If you noticed, I stopped responding to your equal 2 months ago.

  3. bae313 says:

    @WalksWithNoFear U like so many pussies should know about the YouTube factor because u post no pics or videos of yourself. i already told the mider character that I was done with his nonsense because he wasn't man enough to post a pic or vid. I invite all who read my comments to come train. I m in SE FL & won't charge u a dime to try your techniques in a life like scenario (that's how we train). U think u can take away a gun? ok, u get goggles & earplugs vs co2 airsoft, knife? cup & helmet, etc.

  4. WalksWithNoFear says:

    Reading to the comments mider999 and bae313 reminds me of the good ol "Youtube" factor, which is where two people who through the anonymity of the Internet play keyboard escalato about their in-depth fighting knowledge and skill.

    How about this. STFU and agree to disagree. If you have a problem with Marc and Gabe's system then tell THEM and show THEM what you think they are doing wrong. I'm no Dog Brothers fan but It's very easy to bad-mouth a system when all you are watching is a promo video.

  5. bae313 says:

    @Mider999 when denny was in the army they were still teaching the rising x-block to defend against and angle 1 icepick grip attack. ancient history compared to what we have been talking about. maybe since that is perhaps the closest denny got to a real knife fight, that is why he still thinks disarms are functional.

  6. bae313 says:

    @Mider999 so that's ur excuse u r disabled and u can't do shit but ramble on about shit u have no recent experience in. my kids don't use the gun, i m responsible enough 2 make sure that i m the only 1 who will be using it. I was USMC, I m 50 yo and still fighting hard. there is no 1 ultimate bad ass but i m certainly 1 of them. now that i know u r a cripple & have no experience in what u r trying to portray yourself as i m done with your troll ass. have fun posting all the crap replies u want

  7. bae313 says:

    @Mider999 yes i do have a system, if it gets published u will b able 2 buy it at palidin press. otherwise i will b publishing it myself on the internet as a complete handgun, knife, clubbed weapon & hand 2 hand series. This will be as close as a civilian like u will be able 2 get 2 Duane Dieter's CQB without having 2 join the navy & pass BUDS. When u watch SEALS doing their thing pls notice that they use firearms & fight hand to hand in the same stance. K.I.S.S. is 1 of the course basics,

  8. bae313 says:

    @Mider999 speaking of prison guards, the knife fighting trainer Marc MacYoung has probably seen more knife fights than Vunak, Inosanto and Denny combined and his techniques do not advise you to disarm.

  9. bae313 says:

    @Mider999 to quote you "Kali and Krav maga are specifically developed for dealing with the knife but Krav maga is also the gun. Please back your way out of that mis statement again, you know little to nothing. Panantukan is called that because it is punantukan, not kali

  10. bae313 says:

    @Mider999 yes vunak did it, have you? did you try it using McCann's technique and Denny's technique. Have you taken the time to formulate your own system and try it? do you have a system that you teach to others and submit the system as a knife fighting book to a publisher like palidin press? I doubt it. I think you just troll websites acting like you know something and have trained at something.

  11. bae313 says:

    @Mider999 any time u are trying to disarm a knife from a conscious man that is tricky at best. That is why McCann's technique makes much more sense than any disarming technique. Who do u think has had more exposure 2 real knife fights, Denny the lawyer & his students, or McCann the military trainer & his students. McCann offers $1000 2 anyone who can disarm him without taking what would be a serious cut & no "dog"s came to take him up on his offer. It is much easier to stab a guy grabbing at U

  12. bae313 says:

    @Mider999 I didn't say more fights I said real fights. when u have real fights u acquire an arrest record, knife wounds, blunt force wounds, etc… u get hurt in real fights because the guy u r fighting may have more friends in the vicinty than u do & because u can't tap out or get saved by the bell or.referee or instructor & because u aren't wearing protective gear or using training weapons. Next time u see any of your heros ask them how many real fights they have been in or 2 vs1 or 10 vs 1

  13. bae313 says:

    @Mider999 I don't think many people consider the Miami area as Hicksville & any responsible person can purchase a firearm and get a concealed weapon permit in most of the states in our great country. So again, ur statements verify that u r the one with his head firmly entrenched in his ass. Also anyone who is afraid that they are so irresponsible that their kids will get 2 their guns & misuse them shouldn't have a gun. I have a gun & always have it ready to go & I have a 3, 12 & 13 yo & no probs

  14. bae313 says:

    @Mider999 I got wounded in combat in defense of this country. I got cut three times in fights where knives were used (all before I was 20 years old) before i left the bullcrap commonly refered to as Tae Kwon Do. I have been in fights were knives were used after that and I have only received superficial defensive wounds on the heels of my palms. And you seem a bit immature because you are now resorting to name calling because you know you cannot produce actual info to refute my claims.

  15. bae313 says:

    @Mider999 on this website there is a video titled Paul Vunak – Knife Defence & he shows the damge a knife actually can do & he shows the marker drill using 2 of his students (try 2 imagine how much the guy would have been marked up if he came in using Dennys "cow catcher" technique) & he closes with the comments that I quoted. Age has nothing 2 do with it. It is familiarity with real fighting experiences & the ability 2 be honest about your techniques & learning. There r lots of old fools

  16. bae313 says:

    @Mider999 have a training partner take a big permanent marker and really try to mark u up as u come in and try Denny's death wish technique. Keep fighting until u have successsfully taken the knife from the man. any marks that are on ur hands or forarms means u were cut and thus u wouldn't have gotten hold of the knife which means that u would be dead. If u dont have a training partner that will do that with u, I am 50 years old & would u b happy to do it with u if you can get to the Miami area

  17. bae313 says:

    @Mider999 I have had a lot more real fights than Vunak, Insanto, & Denny combined. The people I have fought & studied with have had more real fights (just in bar fights never mind combat in armed conflicts overseas) than all those guys & all their students combined. As Bill Wallace once told me, "the masters always look good when their students follow the scripts". I am lucky to be alive, but that is because I have taken my training out of the classroom & into the real world.

  18. bae313 says:

    @bae313 @Mider999 Kali is actually the filipino art of using a double edged sword but the system lends well to smaller knives and empty hand. Krav Maga deals with much more than knife and gun defense. It translates as contact combat & is a complete system using standup, grappling and weapon techniques. ur comments on kali and krav maga identify ur lack of martial knowledge. TO QUOTE VUNAK, "Let's go with the three rules, run, hide or fly"

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