Does Krav Maga Work In Real Life? [Part2]



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28 thoughts on “Does Krav Maga Work In Real Life? [Part2]

  1. Marquan Brand-moorehead says:

    I Practice Shadow Real Krav Maga before and it Works out of The Streets, And If I Practice Shadow Krav Maga i Practice Krav Maga Quick as Hell Before I Worked at McDonald's and i Almost Killed The Attacker's at that place,

  2. Walter Pinkman says:

    I practiced KM for 2 years, every thing this guy said is true. You do learn a lot of useful information, but you can not rely on Krav alone to help you in a real fight. Mix it in with some boxing, because the techniques will go straight out the window if you're not used to getting hit.

  3. Robin Tripp says:

    Hi Nick, your system of self defence makes the most sense to me, from all the others on utube. How about some tips  for people over the age of say 45 where age is beginning to make itself known, mentally and physically. Great videos.

  4. Pa Lei Wa says:

    I wouldn't really blame Krav Maga by itself but rather the instructors. Krav Maga taught in Israeli army, law enforcement and special force is different from what most people learn on the street.

  5. AmericanNinja1000 says:

    i love your vid on
    knife attacks, my dad was in the Army for 30 years, and 90% of most knife attacks are fast and deadly if someone has a knife they are going to kill you, weapons are meant to be felt not seen.

  6. Phú Hải Lê says:

    my teacher is Aikido instructor but he also a krav maga teacher, in aikido class he does 1 2 3 shit as you said! but when in krav maga class, he go nut!
    one time he takes us to boxing class ( we in the same building ) and decide to get us on a fight with that bulldog! we get beat very hard till one day I realize that in order to you krav maga correctly, you have to be dirty !  I WENT EVERYTHING I HAVE ON BOXER FATAL PART: EYES,** , KNEE CAP and one I really get used to that boxing club decide to ban me from entering their dojo ! but that really how we train

  7. Asoka Mano says:

    Best self-defense is to avoid getting in a terrible situation to begin with. If unavoidable all I can suggest is 1) Be aware of your surroundings 2)Use your training to your advantage 3) Forget about how you sparr in your school, no holding punches or kicks, go in fast and go in hard still using your techniques as best as you can 3) Remember open hand strikes can sometimes be as effective as a punch if not more 4) Keep calm while under adrenaline rush to avoid swinging punches. 5) The most important thing in any fight is clear your mind, be confident without it you will lose. Remember it's you or him, there are no second chances in a real situation like in a sparring match and it's not about points. If your attacker has a weapon grab something, anything can be used as a weapon even something as small as a pen to something like a stick or metal bar or knife if you already carry one etc.

  8. Jay B says:

    The whole knife defense this guy is talking about is 100% right because in a real fight there not going to attack you the way you see in the movies there going to take the knife and start jabbing it at you in all directions as fast and hard as they can.

  9. gotchalina says:

    Hey Nick,

    I am a big supporter of "your" skills and training methods.

    I am also a Krav Maga – "initially" Instructor. I´m coaching only private lessons (Individual courses) and I´m not calling it Krav Maga or something else…just self defence.

    KM as well as WT are meanwile more sect humor than a fight art. New religious sect.

    I worked as a bouncer in Frankfurt for a years and I know what you are talking about. The point is that the regular KM Instructors cannot afford yours or mine kind of trainings, cause they live from it. Full -time Job. If they get hurt… trainings…no money… Punches in the head… in the long run untenable,
    And by the way, it´s business. If you can really learn something in a short time..why do you still need them (KM Instructors in the regular classes)?

    So, to come on the point.

    Basics of KM are defenitily not so bad and for EVERYONE better than nothing!

    And by the method of "you never stop learning" some students will stay at KM and some will find the way to the kind of people as you and me.

    Privat Lessons are expensive, but also real deal!
    I´ve modified my skills and I´m open for any modification if it works.

    My moto is don´t sell bullshit and if it does not work for 45 Kg Tina it will not work for big guys as well.

    It took me 30 years of fighting, trainings even a war to get here. I have a normal job and Self Defence is my passion and meanwhile also good secondary service.
    Could only live on it well, but that´s what´s is all about. How could you, me, anyone give a good instructions for 15, 20 to 50 students in an one an a half hour?
    It´s more a fitness group with 15 min of techniques in whole!

    So we are right and wrong. (about KM works or not)

    Those who want to learn something simple..go to KM and ask questions..don´t stay stupid and develop yourself further untill your desired limit.

    Those who want to survive on the street or any other hopefully never occurring dangerous situations…take a privat lessons from a good experienced Instructors. At the end is cheaper and more effective.
    Be a hard target!

    With sporty greetings

  10. J Gappy says:

    I think we should realize that some people enter a KM club with zero experience in martial arts or even fighting. In this case I think drills are important to train the body in moving in specific ways. Its like driving: you won't be able to hold a car at 140km/hr on your first driving lesson. But like nick says its important to keep the training as realistic as possible.

  11. KevZen2000 says:

    Yes, but martial arts in America is watered down, and people learn in a simulated environment. Israeli version is key, which is about defeating your opponent.

  12. THOMAS brannan says:

    Hey Nick, I train in Krav Maga and can agree and disagree with some things that you say about it. The defenses that a Krav Practitioner trains in they should start off slowly to gain the knowledge of the texhniques. With that being said, as you train in the techniques the practitioners should be moving and not stay in one spot being stagnant. At some point start speeding up to full on fight for your life. This is good for the muscle memory. The best thing anyone can do in a knife situation is to get the hell out of dodge. Knife attacks are nasty and if you dont have the skills to handle or at least ward off the knife attack in a close quarters combat scenario for a plan of escape then you are as good as dead.

  13. Gary Wingrove says:

    You have to walk before you can run. You have to do things slow at first just to get your body used to doing certain kinds of moves. That doesn’t mean you’re practicing choreographed moves. I liken it to practicing scales and cadences on the piano. You’ll never just play a scale in a song the way you do in practice, but those who don’t practice their scales are never as good as those who do it religiously. You can practice sequences slowly to help you understand the concepts. Obviously you can’t only practice it slowly, you must speed it up, practice hard against different attackers, and change the speed and rhythm of the attack. That’s how I do it in my classes. When working on a new technique, I always encourage the students to go slow in the beginning and then gradually speeding it up as they go along. When we get to the final drills, I have the attackers going all out. I even tell the defenders that their techniques will go to shit under stress but that it doesn’t matter. Eventually the techniques get better under stress with lots of practice under stress. I will then have the attackers add some kind of attack that the defenders don’t know the defense to just to make sure they keep fighting.

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