Does Krav Maga Really Work? [PART1]

HERE IS PART 2: In this video Nick Drossos is answering another very common question he keeps getting. Does Krav Maga really …

44 thoughts on “Does Krav Maga Really Work? [PART1]

  1. 24 savage says:

    It's not about the style or martial art it's about you I've seen my younger brother who is a good average boxer knock out some guys who did mma,kickboxing,wrestling, Muay Thai people
    I've seen my friend who is a boxer who knocked out a guy who did Kung fu
    Even I had experiences who knocked out guys who did martial arts and Kung fu and karate and shit like that

  2. Rowan Greider says:

    I agree with this. I lucked out since my instructor is an army veteran with over 30 years experience and is also an executive protection agent. So he has some experiences under his belt that make his credibility go way up for me.

  3. Andritsos Dimi says:

    totaly agree. im practicing krav maga for 11years now, teaching 6. i grew up with sports like thaiboksing and occasionally fights on the streets , where at one point a guy draw a knife, and cut my hand open. in our federation you see guys who really know how to bring it, knows how it is out there on the streets. and you see guys who doesnt know how real violence looks like , usualy there classes miss insight, passion, reality based training from own experience. greetings from Belgium

  4. NeKoMoUsE, Follower of Kek says:

    my system teaches combos and stuff as you mentioned but its to teach fluidity of .movement. they do scenarios and tell us that we will never actually use it in the same fashion, as we will incorporate parts of other techniques into it. i have fought a few people and i gotta say, you are right on a lot, as most people don't understand what it is like to have punches flying. until you spar for real and fight people who don't use your system, you never know. me personally, i am a Shaolin Kempo 1st degree black belt, and it is a mixed martial art. no techniques are ever gonna end the same in the street. teaching sequences and then experimenting with them seems to help. for instance i had a right hook thrown at my head, was a sucker punch. i took the person down from muscle memory. one thing i see, and you might agree, is instructors teaching high kicks. while in a ring they may be alright, reality is you will be taken down if they know how to block kicks, and trap your leg. also its easy to shut down high kicks by getting in close and punching.

  5. Keith Kerns says:

    Many good fighters are bad teachers. An awesome teacher is intelligent and empathetic. They put themselves in the shoes of their students, the attackers, and the expert fighters. It doesn't matter how much you know if you can't effectively pass it on to others.

  6. Keith Kerns says:

    Krav Maga itself has been honed by daily non-stop street attacks in Israel for decades. The art itself is the ultimate combination of many martial arts, borrowing the elements that work and ignoring everything that doesn't work. But with every martial arts, there are more bad public trainers than true experts that can also teach too.

    Moni Aizik is an amazing Krav Maga trainer. But like every good trainer, there's things that other experts agree with and things they don't. That's true of every expert. Bruce Lee had ample critics. No one remembers them, but we all remember Bruce Lee!

  7. Yahli Gowans says:

    well, about the instructors, I'm from Israel and most instructors served in idf special forces, so they do have background. But I guess it's kind of true that many worldwide instructors don't have background

  8. Creative Conformist says:

    "It depends" seems like a cop-out. While its true for any system, I'd say that since Krav Maga is used by the IDF and was explicitly designed for self defense in real life "in the street" scenarios, it has some legitimacy to it. Not that I'd necessarily rely on this part, but google "worlds deadliest martial art/self defense system" and see what pops up at number 1 in literally every search.

  9. mehtaab sandhu says:

    I mostly agree with you in terms of who teaches it and the step by step follow ups in sequence but Krav Maga is one practical martial art, Krav Maga is a way of thinking or to better put it a form of military combat which can also be employed in a fight on the street. Been a practitioner for over 3 years and had a thorough background in muay Thai and MMA. Still that being said I don't believe in following any strict pattern since I don't think one reply can answer all questions or similar questions if u may. Which is why I think martial arts or any form/system of fighting needs constant evolution and a practical approach. Most recently I took a shine to keysi and would love to train myself in keysi fighting method that's something which makes a lot of sense on the streets. Point being Krav Maga is still better than boxing or judo for self defence. No disrespect intended to any martial arts, after all Krav Maga is a concoction of every martial art there is. Kajukembo is also similar.

  10. Saha says:

    Yes u are right. I trained krav maga 6 months, and for example, when we were learning technique, our instructor told us how to do the exercise step by step. And these are 1,2,3 steps that actually dont work on street. I m telling you from personal experience. When attacker comes to you that 1,2,3 goes away at that moment. That is something that i think is wrong. I like your social experiments, because they show a "begginer" in selfdefense what to do in that situation. I really want to teach how to defend myself at that way. At the other side good things are that krav maga teaching you how to comunicate with the opponent, try to avoid conflict, and attack when there is no other solution to do. Of course, all of this depends of instructors, how they teachin people. Also, as you said there are really good intructors, and they teach people at right way.

  11. Lia Lia says:

    a friend of mine was a championship winner in kick-boxing (and also work to clubs for many years)so i was practicly forced to learn how to fight.(jogging of course) i was a twenty two girl who practiced every day..even though many times i came face to face with stupid guys and girls who were asking for a fight ive never been involved in one…do you know why? the first thing my friend taught me was fight only if you are in danger only for your life NEVER just to show off….so Yes i deffinetly agree is all about who is the teacher and how he is teaching you…

  12. David Mederos says:

    I have been training Krav Maga for years, i totally agree with Nick it depends of who is your instructor and how they teach self defence. I train in Tenerife, Spain. I have been tough by Martin Luna and Steve Coster. We also do BJJ, MMA, Boxing and Muay Thai with other instructors. Real life situations are completely diferente than training in the gym, but if you do train Krav Maga like we do 5 days a week morning and afternoon and with cosches that push you to your limit it can work or at least help you to survive in a street situation. Be dedicated and respect your coaches. Regards Nick if you can check out for Martin Luna

  13. greywarrior60 says:

    I learned how to fight in a boxing and kickboxing gym, I learned street defence at a Krav Maga class (the teacher was former bouncer). I think a background in a striking martial art is very beneficial when you start with Krav. At least I know how to punch really vicious 😉

  14. HScarlet says:

    Very much the problem with Wing Chun. It is difficult to find a good school that teaches it in a way that you can use and apply to modern combat. Even then it takes many years before you can use it well.

    Due to this, I'd only recommend WIng Chun as an art you'd like to learn rather than for self defence.

  15. Ben Wilson says:

    Thanks for this. I think you've hit the nail on the head; krav maga can be very effective if it's instructed in a way that emphasizes the chaos and aggression of a real situation. I've trained krav maga for about a year and the first 2 months were with a larger gym that really felt like a family-friendly ymca krav pilates more than learning to deal with bad situations. When I switched to training with ICCS, my instructor had some serious credentials (bouncing, private military, anti-terrorism forces, professional fighting) and it was night and day from the other place because there was actually regular contact and unexpected situations thrown at us all the time. Unfortunately, I have to move to another area soon where there isn't much krav maga taught that way, so I'm looking to do some muay thai to keep practicing my striking while actually being hit back; that's what has made a huge difference for me.

  16. Pedro Bomb says:


  17. Dj V-Future says:

    I train krav Maga since a few years ago, every day I learn something new. I train under a lot of pressure, then when I'm tired as hell everybody attacks me in random ways, so I'm working under shock and stress, tired, scared, dazed and confused. I can tell you my instructor forces his students to develop the skill like real life situations, we don't make coreographies, we learn the techniques, repeat them a thousand times, then we make the stress routine, in a little room, with a lot of people, random attacks, you don't know what's expecting you, who will attack you, you are so tired and scared that you only think about survive. And let me tell you something, I live in the most dangerous country in the world. Here in Venezuela you are in survivor mode 24/7 prepared to kill or be killed, you can't even imagine.

  18. Brian Damage says:

    I find it does work, for me, my instructor is ex Israeli armed forces, no soccer mum bullshit, its the real deal, I watched him take down thirty special services guys last week one after the other, it works for me

  19. Kemet First says:

    good video, I used to be caught up thinking that JKD was the best "Style" but my instructor wasn't teaching it the way I researched it to be. If your instructor doesn't have any real life experience especially with a knife or gun & teaches you something you think is going to work and it doesn't….your fucked. You could learn from a guy who just came out of prison who doesn't have a "black belt" Nothing beats experience

  20. Gabriel Draven says:

    Nick, I’m a KM instructor in Ottawa and have been a fan of yours for a while.  Because of its popularity, there does seem to be a growing backlash against krav maga and a growing sentiment that krav maga “doesn’t work”.  A lot of this criticism is warranted.  There’s a lot of poor quality instruction out there.  As you said, this is a business and as in any business, there’s going to be a lot of opportunists (the “get certified in a weekend” guys).   However, I take some issue with your point regarding “formulaic” teaching.  The fact is, most of the people who start training with us have very little if any background in combat arts.  In other words, they don’t know how to punch, they don’t know how to keep their hands up and they don’t have simple baseline skills like being able to move and strike at the same time.  By putting these people into only “realistic” training scenarios, it turns into a mess because they don’t have these baseline skills.    In fact, they become quickly over-whelmed.  By doing “formulaic” training or teaching, we’re actually helping them build some of these baseline skills. Once this basic vocabulary of movement is built, then they have the ability to start improvising.  And, of course, we always try to train with non-compliant attackers. In fact, every class we do ends with free-form, non-compliant attacks. The process seems to work and in fact, the results in our women’ self defence program can be amazing.  This includes stories from students who actually used what we taught them in real-life. Thanks for considering.

  21. Nick C says:

    Nick, I concur and excellent video. Growing up I didn't have or afford any "official training"…I was self trained..I was tired running, getting jumped and beat up by thugs, I self taught by watching Bruce Lee films and peeping through Martial-arts (TKD) school windows. Close in and fast and explosive 1,2, 3 deep strikes and follow through to head and neck Knocking out thugs within 3-5 seconds. I wouldn't decline a challenge even with multiple gang members, I felt confidant with my God given skills in the streets but always feared going to jail..close to killing or paralyzing these thugs. I mastered 3 techniques and prevailed. Tu amigo, Peace.

  22. Iconoclasticnation says:

    I've been a student of Krav Maga for nearly 4 years at a school personally endorsed by Itay Gil, and I don't have a problem with anything you've said here Nick. It all comes down to the quality of the instructors. True words. Respect.

  23. Iron Iro says:

    You're absolutely right. If somebody has no street experience it's like somebody wants to teach you skydiving based on books he has studied. I think you want to learn from them. Right ? Of course, you won't !

  24. Christian Girelli says:

    I don't know what happens outside the Italy, but here there are lots of krav maga courses that are absolutely bullshit. I practiced martial arts for 15 years and also I had an experience in krav maga…the Instructor was certified in a weekend…this happens in Italy: you can be Instructor in just a weekend!!! It'so sad. Plus, the self defense techniques used in krav maga classes are almost the same that you can find in any martial arts after years of practice…there are just ideas on what could happens and how to react, you can use them in training session to develop skills, but street fights are unpredictable. You have to train and understand principles that can really save your life and not just a-b-c techniques. I know that I can be contested but anyone with a real experience in martial arts and real fights will say this. At the end thank you Nick for your open mind method and for trying open people mind. Good job, keep going

  25. Evlboy says:

    The first defense anyone should learn is to avoid a fighting situation. I used to be a bouncer and in 10 years i only had to throw a punch only once. Most situations can be avoid through psychology , know how to talk how to behave . Most people aren't aware how important body language can be for example , knowing how to behave can keep bad people away 90% of the time , most crooks are basically predators , and a predator will always try to avoid a fight , they don't like to work to much for their prey so they will avoid you if you look like trouble.

  26. Cesar Reyes says:

    exactly I took a few seminars with grand master Jacov Brewsler the guy is amazing and unbelievable the kind of power be has for an older guy, his techniques are very real, after that I have tried to train with other instructors and I know I'm wasting my time and for sure it was not going to work on the streets, bjj and mma really bring the realism. in a fight your system takes it to the next level…..Love your work keep it up

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