In this video Nick Drossos is testing if grappling or BJJ work against a knife.Subscribe to Nick Drossos: …

23 thoughts on “Does BJJ work AGAINST a KNIFE ATTACK?

  1. Arman Nazerian says:

    Although I would never grapple with a knife attacker, I have so many problems with this video. this guy is not a fighter. he probably train in a gi and hasn't looked at self defense in his life. he clearly can't wrestle and looks like he doesn't want to fight. a self defense oriented Jiu Jitsu person would understand self defense and distance management enough NOT TO ENGAGE in grappling with a knife fighter. I would be throwing kicks. This BJJ dudes stance when you guys stand up is also clearly not one you would use for any self defense situation – much less this one.

  2. Chad Davis says:

    This is a fantastic video. However, the take away seems a tad misleading. Yes, trying to immediately submit someone with a knife is foolish. You have to control the knife, and dominate positionally before anything else can happen. But position before submission is the mantra of BJJ, and you were using basic grappling skills to close the distance, control the knife, and dominate positionally. Everything you did was BJJ!

  3. Gage Brown says:

    Gracie Academy Jiu Jitsu has a better kinfe attack defense system than this. You are filling people's heads full of bullshit with your shitty Youtube channel. train jiu jitsu folks. do not listen to this clown.

  4. cogen651 says:

    6 years in BJJ, no way.He should be 100 times better. Number 2, it's not the amount of years, it's the amount of classes you attend. With you guys starting on the ground, he should of double gripped your wrist, then closed guarded you, thrEW your arm cross body and side scissored ,from that postion a lot of techniques can be applied .This is BS, GET A BLACK BELT BJJ TO DEMONSTRATE.

  5. Mohammed Alghamdi says:

    you know, once i read in a manga called GAROUDEN that if you brought a knife to fight against someone who knows to fight you will lose, because you will be very dependent on that knife to the moment that you will forget that you can punch, kick, slap or grab!!!!

    all of your focus will be on how to stab with this knife

  6. strikesubmit says:

    thank you for the video, and thank you especially for the honest assessment at the end. I can appreciate when a proponent of a certain style can still point out its weaknesses, and give an honest opinion.

  7. Di Cam says:

    Nick , at my law enforcement agency we train with a simulated knife that gives off a small electric shock. You should buy one of those. It would make training a bit more real.

  8. J Sherrier says:

    This so called bjj practitioner was half assing and starting from knees!? Anyone would consider a knife fight as life threatening and this was clearly a "flow" self defense while you were going hard. Since you have experience, put a real bjj practitioner in there and see how instinctively they either commit to controlling that knife (and then choke you to death in real life) or don't engage

  9. Fehmi Berkay says:

    Self defense jiu jitsu differs from sports jiu jitsu and teaches great knife defense. Actually some of your movement and strategies are similar to ones in bjj self defense

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