Does a Pillow work as a Silencer?



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35 thoughts on “Does a Pillow work as a Silencer?

  1. MayBeSo says:

    Do a video on ballastics tracking of hollow points vs round nose. Movies never show barrel striations matched to a hollow point. Is this possible?

  2. Black Oak Outdoors says:

    Placing a pillow over something like a hammerless revolver will muffle the report a great deal. As you demostrated shooting directly into the pillow definitely does not alter the report much at all. Enjoyed the vid.

  3. BoB’s Woodland Adventures says:

    There was an episode on the show CSI that someone used a soda bottle and shot two rounds without much sound. Please try a soda bottle next and see how many shots you can get before it doesn’t suppress any more. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Chris Faulkner says:

    Another great video! I've seen another video on YouTube that's damn near impossible to smother someone with a pillow too. Apparently other really good for sleeping on.

  5. David Doughty says:

    The folks in the comments below are correct when they suggest the true purpose of the pillow is containment. It's just a splatter shield. Of course natural filler such as down may decorate the shooter in fuzzy white feathers…so choose wisely.

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