Does a bag/backpack work against a knife for self defense? | Knife Defense Techniques



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28 thoughts on “Does a bag/backpack work against a knife for self defense? | Knife Defense Techniques

  1. Reality Check Self Defence says:

    I didn't upload two videos to YouTube this week because I was suspended from posting for a week after I uploaded a fight analysis video. If you want to see that video be sure to check out my Facebook page. This is also a great place to send me videos to review!

    I filmed this video a while ago (hence the shaved head), hope you enjoy it! If you're looking for something to watch afterwards, check out my video where I test out 6 martial arts techniques –

  2. FL D.S. says:

    When I first saw the thumbnail for a a second I thought it was a rag, I was expecting you to try to catch the knife or trap it and disarm the attacker Jackie Chan Style. Maybe next time you should try to use a rag and a rope.

  3. Tim Is Green says:

    Something I found really interesting about you saying that people still need to train to fight to make this work. Using a bag as a shield is a skill that requires training in it's own right (I'm actually kind of impressed how well you got it to work assuming you've not trained in it much before this) much like throwing a punch or pulling guard. Help when I practiced using an object to defend like this it took me a bit of practice to make functional.

    Given how often you point out that people need to learn how to do something before they can do it why not make a video about how much training someone would probably need for different self defence skills?

  4. ME says:

    Could you review this knife attack.
    I can't seem to link the YouTube video because age restrictions but it's got two camera angles.
    Just Google or search YouTube.
    Napad u fast foodu (2)
    Brutalan napad na radnika Fast fooda u Vukovarskoj

  5. elsenyor says:

    I like your style, but the first minutes of the video are actually a BS like the ones you use to denounce…. "stab count:2" but probably you lost all ur fingers and the tendons in ur arms would be cut, while bleeding like a little bitch. U can't defend a knife attack with your arms and throuwing punches to the face!! your only focus should be to grab the hand with the knife

  6. Xyon says:

    You should do another test but with some books inside the bag

    Will it be safer if there's some weight inside? that kind of test.

    Because I carry a lot of stuff in my backpack. (laptop, books, notebooks and etc.)

    I don't think I can use it the same way you did because my bag would be much heavier

  7. Fábio N says:

    Hey man, great video. However, I have a suggestion.

    In this particular scenario there would be no need for it, but in those such as using a chair for self defense, perhaps you could use HEMA gear (just don't go overboard with what you try to use against your equipment). I did like the head protection in the video though, because it avoids serious injuries (specially to the eyes) and lets you go a bit more "all-out", which I believe to be the same thing to happen if HEMA gear is used, or otherwise some form of good padding for your body and whatnot.

    Regardless, like I said, great video, mate.

  8. Quinn's Cars says:

    Wow!!! Great stuff. The bag worked really well. Gonna have to try this!!!

    Interesting how once you got the 2 on 1 and inside wrestling 2 on 1 control you seemed to do much better!!!

    The 2 in 1 baseball bat grip and the inside wrestling clinch that you used I find are the best positions to smother the arm!!! I'm gonna have to practice that with a bag!!!!

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