Doce Pares knife fighting Tapi-Tapi Defence – Naked blade

My Instructor Glen Dahms demos Doce Pares knife fighting techniques. This is teaching the technique. Continue with cooperative training drill establishes the …

29 thoughts on “Doce Pares knife fighting Tapi-Tapi Defence – Naked blade

  1. BlueHyena says:

    @normank27 If you've ever trained defensively with a gun (like a concealed carry course) then you'd know that within 21 ft, a guy can bum-rush and stab you before you can draw and shoot properly to stop him. It's called a Tueller drill. It's why many people who carry a gun, carry a knife too.

  2. Mngnt says:

    Most of the techniques demonstrated here are efficient and seem to be mastered. The question is whether you would really do this with the same ease against a sharp double edged knife, your heart beating at 240 bpm, and fear crunching your guts… But nice techniques though…Same used by the navy seals…

  3. derfilmmacher says:

    Sin7 You need to practice more. First, knifer's wrist is locked, second he is applying force with top of his arm not the inside, third, the force is being applied in the right direction, fourth, he is applying pressure to the spine of the knife, not the cutting edge. Also, he is controlling the knifer's arm with his other hand – a knife can cuts by drawing and he is riding the arm, so he can move with any attempt to move the blade.

    This guy's techniques can be applied in sparring/fighting.

  4. daarco2 says:

    Gratz : )
    Then you know there is no guarantees in fighting.
    ALL Martial Arts are just ways HOW you can try to survival. Same if you are wearing a "bullet proof" west. No guarantee you will survie a gunshot..

  5. Ricky Ogletree says:

    P.S. In response to darknewt1, not every technique in Filipino arts works for everyone but you have to use what works for you. Personally if I were ever being attacked by somebody with a weapon I would try to disarm by hitting the hand. Thats what my instructor calls "Defanging the Snake" (you can probably guess why)

  6. Ricky Ogletree says:

    Personally its hard for me to do the tapi tapi drill in class because my instructor throws in extra punches and kicks to try to distract me, as well as change the speed and try to keep me from keeping contact. I like how your instructor does his panestas and palusut (sorry if I spell it wrong but I've only heard it and not seen it written). We do it just a little bit differently in my instructor's class, but only for the sake of flow and to use as a drill.

  7. Ryan says:

    For those that study… Take a look at 2:07 seconds.. Is it me or is he teaching people to disarm the attacker using the inside of his elbow (Vital Arteries) on the blade???? What a fucking jackass. People please don't try this, please.. For the sake of your arteries..

  8. Ryan says:

    I've heard very litte about Tapi Tapi, but for those that do not know exactly how to fight with a knife-Try some of these techniques for 5 min.. It's not easy. These movements are way too hard to memorize and in a real life situation you would get injured trying to remember what's next. I study Kali Silat, try that much easier and more liquid..

  9. Ryan says:

    While I don't completely agree with writeguy73 I do understand what he is saying. I have been training similiar to krav maga, and silat for years. One thing I will note: It is extremely hard to disarm someone in a real knife fight. Your training will kick in, and could save your life/do enough to get away… However it is not that easy, unless once again they are drunk or do not have complete control over their motor functions.

  10. MDSJudicator says:

    Wow, some great disarms and counters there. I wish we did more knife work in class, all we ever seem to do is stick work. Not that i'm complaining, but i'd be great to learn some of these techniques. Great vid.

  11. Ray H says:

    Ok I saw timmy mallet on your favourites and you are right there isnt much resemblance – funny how childhood memories get distorted through the years – sorry for any offence caused 🙂

  12. Ray H says:

    You are right it is important information and like I said before it should only be attempted as a last resort. All I was trying to say that people must not think that having all the information will save you from injury – it just gives you a better chance of surviving the attack.

  13. Ray H says:

    By the way in my experience (I have 15 years) knives are extremely dangerous and very difficult to defend against. A lot of these instructional disarms are not realistic in the real world because nobody attacks you in an orderly fashion. Most of the time you don't see the knife but you feel it! My advice is only attempt this stuff as a last resort and if you do EXPECT TO GET CUT! Just run away and live to fight another day! The techniques look good and I am not knocking the film.

  14. Scott S says:

    Actually, he's not a janitor, he's a handyman. At least, he was when I knew him. He's also a motorcycle enthusiast. I admit his appearance is a bit unconventional for a teacher, but he still knows what he's doing.

  15. hulazero1 says:

    The keyring on his hip makes him look like the deadliest janitor the world has ever seen! I can see it now–Under Siege 3: School of Hardknocks 😀

    Joking aside, the video is great. Very nice traps and disarms. And, the reason the feeder is so complacient is these moves at full strength would injure the feeder. But perhaps he should get a second video going, of all the dirty little tricks you can pull off when your opponent isn't being cooperative :D.

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