Doce Pares eskrima. The snake disarm and counters.

The snake disarm is very common in Filipino martial art systems. While effective, it’s fundamental weakness is that it takes time to implement, and thus can be …

2 thoughts on “Doce Pares eskrima. The snake disarm and counters.

  1. docpeares1 says:

    Snaking, also called vining, is defined by how the arm is wrapped, creating a bend in the wrist which results in weakness in the grip, In the Doce Pares system, you can snake from the inside or the outside, using either hand. With minor modifications, each disarming technique can be changed to a trapping or locking technique.

  2. xRBOGx says:

    You are showing someone snaking the wrong way. For a disarm you need to enter on the outside. This shows an inside entry which would be used to gain control or trap

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