21 thoughts on “Do Not Punch in a Street Fight

  1. Samer Dakhi says:

    hi im samer and im 12 year old and today i hand a fight with my bully i feltbad fight cause i dont want to wasted my time cause i defrent then other kids i dont play video games or fight i goon youtube learn eery thing about bodybuliding boxing and gymastik and job trying to be ready for geting old and i want to say thank you cause now im better at selfdefens and idid not get sespented i was at the park.please dont bully!!!

  2. Kris Orszag says:

    "Hey want to help me make an instructional video for people who want to learn martial arts?"
    "Sure! But wait, are you just gonna rub your hands all over my face like last time?"
    "No, no! I promise this time we'll show some real techniques and I won't just use you as a punching bag"
    "Okay, if you say so…"

  3. Martin Sebastian says:

    You need to palm correctly. Do not extend your fingers coz you might break your fingers accidentally catching fast moving punch instead. Always in punching hand position just dont queeze your fists. You keep your fingers safe, and be able to punch or palm.

  4. Lin Y says:

    he missed another huge main point to not punching, most people (I didn't say everyone) don't even know how to properly make a fist and throw a punch, if you do it wrong you can potentially break your wrist, that leave your hand completely damaged and useless to defend yourself.

  5. Beon8 SAGO says:

    Despite what a lot of these bozos are saying… I know that elite military units(guys who aren't just talk and need to perform) prefer the palm strikes over the closed fists.

  6. cine mejillas says:

    I am here because tonight a big man wanted to beat me because I took a girl from him.. but just I told him that I am not afraid of him but I don't like problemes… so I advise you guys try to arrange those problems in peace…

  7. Daniel Prince says:

    I have been in a street fight.My opponents were randomly throwing their hand in my head, face and chest.
    Yes, they hit me like twice as much I hit them but my punches were able to bring them down and I got out without any major bruises.
    But little black mark on my cheek bone.

  8. Jusuf Pjanic says:

    im sorry, i understand where you are coming from and i do see your theory, it does make sense, but it not going to do enough damage. I if someone has their chin tucked i would use that with my off hand and then punch. I would not just palm them. i would utilize everything i already know

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