35 thoughts on “Do Not Block Punches this Way

  1. mixedgrain says:

    Know one guy who intervened when he saw a huge black US soldier who was slapping a bar girl around in the Philippines . The soldier boy took a big swing.. It was just an automatic reaction from a Mayweather style shoulder roll, the elbow went up and the soldier boy did the rest. Broke the dude's hand bad.

  2. Felipe Vieira says:

    I disagree, my father is a tai-quan-doe red belt and I've been able to block many of his punches using this technique. Ever sense mom left us he can't practice on her anymore and so he relies on me to do his "daily training" on. All y'all lame code red defense people need to come down to south carolina and I'll show real fighting with my tiger stance…

  3. Jason Walton says:

    That block technique is for straight punches. Also you have to move..move your feet..or hips. You can't jus stand there lol..he seems like he's down 52blocks techniques. Could be wrong

  4. Jar A says:

    The elbow destruction is a great tool. The trick is to have your hands held a bit higher than normal, like a Thai boxers stance. If you hold your hands lower to the cheek like a traditional boxing stance, than the timing is near impossible.
    It's all in what you train. Guys like Paul Vunak have been teaching this forever. Watching on YouTube and learning from the source is 2 very different things…

  5. Mayckon wolf says:

    Yeah in fact block in this way is quite ridicule,you can use the elbows to break attacks,for exemple when the oponent give a right punch,is like parry but is with the elbow,when he give a punch you strike his arm,not the elbow,not the hand but the arm.

  6. lisa nrupom says:

    cumon. even pauk vunak uses his elbows to block punches. and he instructed seal team 6. dont down cry the elbow. and ofcourse youve got to practice before a real fight. that goes for ANYTHING.

  7. Smartatak Smartatak says:

    It works for me and thats not the way to doo it … You uze the arm close to your face you just put the arm in front of your face and you pic a boo with the other eye wile the other hand is on guard it works well for mee its beter the skull&bones from 52 bloks i spared today with it … you think you need to aim but you dont you just expect the puntch to hit your face lol …

  8. Beno Burgija says:

    If you question this technique than you have no idea about fights and self-defense .. It is not about aiming at the fckn fist with a fckn elbow you ignorant man.. It is about how much protection can this technique bring very easily and if you manage to hurt attackers knuckle by some luck, that is good.. Fck it is annoying that everyone thinks he is self-defense MMA teacher…

  9. yu wmelon says:

    It's true that only a handful of people would do this let alone doing it right. but this comes from Muay Chaiya and it's a good technique. There's no way you can do it with the rear elbow. It's just too slow. Use the other elbow instead. Besides, Muay Chaiya's Tah Kru guard is done with the lead hand's elbow raised, which means it's already there to block, not only that, you actually strike with force. In other words, it's a technique peculiar to the style. Anybody who wants to copy it is destined to fail, because of no understanding of the ground work .

  10. Mr Wonderful says:

    This video is completely misunderstanding the point of that block. Yes angling it right has a chance (very slim) of the opponent hitting the bone and breaking their knuckles. The point of this block it to block haymakers and hooks and is very effective at doing so especially in a street fight where the attacker typically will try to move in close by using that block your elbow will hit them if they keep moving closer.

  11. Nate Rangi says:

    referring to master Wong style of elbow block the arm is meant to be horizontal instead of vertical and is meant to block hooks rather then straight punches I haven't seen instructors teach this style of blocking only for high kicks but not for straight punches don't get me wrong I may have missed the memo lol

  12. Vikram Dhindaw says:

    Ok, there's one thing this video is missing.

    The idea is not to intercept the incoming fist with the elbow… it's to put your elbow where the fist is headed.
    Invariably, more often than not, a boxer would punch you in the face. By shifting yourself a little behind, you increase the gap and buy yourself enough reaction time to put your elbow where your face was a second ago.
    It works, you're just focusing on doing the wrong thing.

  13. Joe Ledger says:

    Yea it takes some getting used to and some timing but when it works it works well. Theres a time and place for it and as long as you don't try to force it where it won't work because you're an ip man fan there's no reason to exclude it from your toolbox.

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