23 thoughts on “DNI Report: Russia Email Hacking 2016

  1. sa 3006 says:

    Thanks Billy for bringing up the operation Ajax. When Shah came to power he arrested and jailed many of the opposition groups with total US support as a result many people including my family members had to scape the country. Some of my family members ended up in France, Germany, Canada and many other countries basically anywhere that would take them and I ended up in the US.

    People talk about these things like it was nothing but it destroyed many families. I never got to see many of my family members before they passed away. I live and have a family here now but it's still very hard for me to forgive the US for what it did to my country !

  2. Jazzman3121 says:

    Absolutely the U.S. attempts to influence politics in areas that it thinks is necessary to prevent 'unfriendly' governments developing. The reason why we needed the intelligence services to tell us that Russia attempted the same operation with us is because the 'fringe' people would not have believed otherwise. Moreover, the shocking thing is not that Russia engaged in election manipulation with us, it is the fact that they were apparently successful.

  3. wingxxzero says:

    Wikileaks says it was people inside the DNC who were probably horrified and disgusted at what they say going on(who can blame them). The reason they keep pointing at russia is because, if hilary won, they were planning on starting a new debt forgoing conflict with russia next. They need to to borrow more money and double the national debt in order to keep the previous debt from coming due. There's only a couple of things another 20 or 40 trillion dollars would buy, besides ww3.

    Furthermore, yes it's pretty pathetic seeing them cry about being hacked, when it was the contents of those emails that matter and are the damning part, which was up to them and their doing. Don't be corrupt and these things wont matter as much. But this is the price you pay when you play a game based off of moral relativism and the belief that you need to do whatever it takes to win.

    Like you said, no skin off my back, expose them all.

    Now that trumps in there and people are full on rejecting this lying whore creation of a world by the media and other forces that be, they're in a mad dash to remain relevant and in control in an ever changing world. They're going for broke. Which is why these are particularly dangerous times. America's guns were the crown jewels of full on reinstatement of feudalism, which is what these little shits longed to return to. They look back at those days fondly.

    That debt is still due though. There's no way to pay it off with money because there is more debt than money in existence, which means they either don't pay it back(reinforced with self sufficiency and militaristic defense from the citizens) or they have a great depression coupled with a liquidation sale of the entire united states. What these people will do if they don't get their way with trump and their plans that they were working on, for who knows how long, go to shit, is anyone's guess. We know they care very deeply about what they're doing and getting it done.

  4. 452Rob says:

    Obama did everything in his power to interfere with Bemjamin Netanyahu's reelection, but when Russia does the same to him (Hillary would have been Obama's 3rd term and kept his Obamacare in place) he throws a petulant little hissy fit. Liberals don't like taking their own medicine at all.

  5. carbonking53 says:

    The fact that Podesta fell for a phishing attack to gain access to his email and was using "password" as his password tells me they're all not that bright over their on the left. And let's not forget the non-secure Clinton server in a bathroom closet! SMH

  6. Marc Tuunanen says:

    All these butthurt Dumb-o-crats can't face the fact they lost fair and square. The content of the Emails is the only thing that matters as was said before. The Lib-tards really are a threat to our democratic republic. Thanks Billy for your straight forward no bullshit insight……I'll see ya down the road !

  7. Nate W says:

    This is the aspect of this story that is most troubling to me – no talking-head will go on the record to say that the election itself wasn't free or fair, they stop at "the emails turned people against Hillary." Is their argument that the information in the emails shouldn't have been released? But above and beyond that is what you point out, every major power messes with other countries for political purposes, the US has been doing it for years, to expect that we're the only ones who can/should do it is insane.

  8. BIZKIT says:

    I work in Cybersecurity and I have read the full report. No evidence, nothing at all, that shows it was Russia. Additionally the methods used are literally available to any bored high-schooler with a laptop and some bitcoin.

  9. W. Wilson says:

    "Transparency and accountability does more for the stability of democracy that anything else."

    Sorry… but Trump is betting (and winning so far, I'll give you that) on a total lack of transparency and accountability.
    I'm not saying Obama, Clinton, or either Bush(s) were any more transparent or accountable, but the human Cheeto is begging for trouble.

    Hacking's great until Russia starts doing it to him… Then he's fucked.

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