DK Yoo – 15 martial arts

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44 thoughts on “DK Yoo – 15 martial arts

  1. Lee Bdst says:

    I wish i meet DK in real person and DK give me a chance to make a movies in action, the title will say, “ brotherhood in a jungle “ it’s mean that we live in a world like a jungles, and we live and love as one, until one day love will separate us all. My dream of a meaning movie scene. Dk you’re a legend.

  2. 미인 says:

    걍 사기꾼
    피닉스박이 붙자고 하니까 실전성 운운하면서 바로뺌.
    얜 그냥 당장 거폭이랑 무규칙 룰로 싸워도 쳐발릴듯ㅋㅋㅋ

  3. Youri TELANI says:

    You, all the MMA champs, haters, and “real fight” searchers from behind your screens …. go, challenge him, make a video of the fight. I’m waiting…. Anyway, you’ll stop speaking for nothing !

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