DIY Knife Dummy For Speed and Precision Training



Here’s how to build a simple moving mannequin that you can use for knife and stick training. This dummy is great for building precision, timing and continuous …

10 thoughts on “DIY Knife Dummy For Speed and Precision Training

  1. jacopo says:

    I found your channel looking for some dirty boxing videos and I really liked your view on the subject. Now I'm trying to understand where you stand, meaning what you train for. Why do you spend some time practicing angles using the knife? When do you think you're gonna have a knife in your hand to actually stab someone? Do you work in the military?

  2. Akbar M says:

    Sorry Kevin, just following up from a previous question regarding hitting with which knuckles. Is it possible to strike with top 2 knuckles whilst the fist is vertical? It seems the index knuckle doesn't land flush unless you bend the wrist – but is that wise?

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