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  1. Crim Zen says:

    I only do this for fights that drag on and on with adds… like the execution fight in the oilfield in reapers coast. I did that fight legit once, never again! The npc there kept running into fire… I also used this to kill the source portal master (she deserved it) before she had a chance to spawn a horde on us. This is also nice for simple fights for when you just want to skip for story reasons (like skipping the bug form of Skelly dwarf in the mine, or making Dallis run during the ship fight… warning about that, you need to pick up the chest or you will lose the after that fight… You can also oneshot the Advocate and Alice with it.) I used the chest to quickly kill the ice dragon at the start of the game… Then reloaded to have my actual interaction with him (did it for the achievement.)

  2. cebuanoguy says:

    What’s more OP is terraforming deathfog to cheese non-undead/non-voidwoken bosses.

    Lucian, yes the Divine Lucian can be 1 shot with a well placed deathfog barrel. Adramhalik can also be 1 shotted with a well placed deathfog barrel.

    Braccus Rex is the last boss. If you kill him, the Kraken and the rest of the goon squad will die. You’ll need a lot of cryogenic scrolls, and cleanse wounds scrolls. Braccus is undead so normal healing will damage him. Keep using cryo to stun Braccus, use cleanse wounds (it will hit over 2000 if Hydro is at lvl 10).

    I made a special character just for the Kraken. A rogue tank. Lord Kemm’s deflector shield (deflecting permanent), Equipment with the highest elemental resistances, and that armor that gives permanent flying status (found in the doctors basement).

    The charm voidwoken skill won’t work on the Kraken in Tactician mode. The Kraken has like 20,000 Magic Armour, can’t remember.

  3. Mike George says:

    instead of moving it constantly with you just leave it in another character's inventory (a character purely for this purpose, no actual build) and put it in yours when you know a fight is coming.

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