Dirty Street Fighting Move



A dirty street fighting move that is really affective is hair pulling. Wherever the head moves, the body follows. In a street fight, grabbing your attacker’s hair and …

27 thoughts on “Dirty Street Fighting Move

  1. CJ says:

    Response to The Legend: tell it like it is! In a street fight, the person you're fighting does not give a fuck about no so called rules! If your life is in danger, do what the fuck you gotta do to survive!

  2. CJ says:

    Hey Nick, I only got one thing to say: fuck the haters! I bet if it was them in a fight, they would do whatever is necessary to win! Keep on teachin'!

  3. The Big F U says:

    What would make this video much Moe interesting is after you demonstrate the move,  then you demonstrate the counter move to combat the first techniques !  Show the move,  then, then the counter move ! None of the other videos do that,  you could be the first to do so !  Good luck to you !

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