⚒ Dirty Smith's Zombie Apocalypse Weapon Challenge 2018 Rules



This video is how to enter to the 2018 Zombie weapon contest! There are some rules: 1. Something must be forged on your entry 2. Only one entry per person …

35 thoughts on “⚒ Dirty Smith's Zombie Apocalypse Weapon Challenge 2018 Rules

  1. FromTheHeartWoodMK says:

    Darn, I only just now found out about this challenge on October 28th! I'm not sure if this challenge is open to international audiences, but this is so my cup of tea, even though I have nearly zero metal working experience, I would find a way! Anyway, next year perhaps, subbed, looking forward to some cool videos!

  2. Frontier Forge says:

    I'm nowhere near the skill level to attempt but I'm looking forward to seeing all the cool stuff that comes of this challenge! Good to see a new video, Rory! Definitely need more forging Fridays!! I made my first mortice and tenon by following your video

  3. Fragments says:

    Nice one! I was actually looking if this challenge was up yet two days ago. Just to clarify, it doesn't matter what kind of metal is used for the forging part?

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