13 thoughts on “Different Styles of Knife Fighting Grips

  1. NeptuneKnives says:

    @jeffersontool yes you are right i agree don't go in for stabs which is kinda dumb & not exactly the most legal thing to do either. Preferably I want to have a large folder so I can use the knife as a beat stick before getting to a lethal point. I push Mel to use a tactical flashlight

  2. jeffersontool says:

    Have you ever seen Michael Janich's Martial Blade Craft video's and concepts? I can't wait for the Yojimbo 2 to come out. I love Wharncliffs for the utility so it's gonna be like a funky Wharny Para 2.

    I'm not into knife fighting but I know from watching MJ's videos that if I was lethally attacked, I'd be using counter strikes in order to slice limbs as a lead in. If you lead in and try to puncture first, you end up getting sliced yourself etc.

  3. NeptuneKnives says:

    @defenseandsafety scaaarry man I don't recall anyone naming the grips in the system I think it's probably cuz it was a piece of metal bar broken off a bunk bed so not exactly the most ergos LOL

  4. NeptuneKnives says:

    @victorinoxfan I feel so. Sometimes people including youtubers do stabbing tests but it's always in controlled situations but if you were to hit something hard that you were unaware of I think the Saber grip allows for too much movement cuz the thumb is not supporting the pointing finger

  5. victorinoxfan says:

    can't comment much on fighting grips. It's a tad out of my realm.

    I've always thought the saber grip is great for utility but thought it would put a lot of excess stress on the thumb if you were to stab into something hard. Is that a risk?

  6. iwluisr77 says:

    @NeptuneKnives I'm sorry I was misunderstood, Some Spydercos are great/good "fighting" knives. I was just questioning what DrWrongPaul thinks in his view as a "fighting Knife"?

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