Devastating Move for the Streets

Nick was sparring one day and his MMA coach Davis Dos Santos came up with a devastating move for the streets. This is a very cool and effective move that you …

26 thoughts on “Devastating Move for the Streets

  1. S0beK says:

    This is not very practical for an untrained person in terms of self defense. Most moves where you completely turn your body around quickly and try to strike an opponent require alot of coordination and practice which the average non martial arts trained person simply does not have.
    It works if you are a trained martial artist but then again there are better options. Also lowering your upperbody and your head to the front of an attackers knees even if it´s just a fake seems a bit dangerous to me.

  2. NDudeStrong says:

    Hey Nick – love your videos man! One subject i would be interested to hear your take on, which is a common threat, is defending against dog attacks. What if i'm walking with my 2 yr old and a pitbull runs out of nowwhere and comes at us. This is a threat that is maybe more common than attacks from humans. Mostly you can act passive but hold your ground to de-escalate a dog threat, but there are times a dog will go into full bore attack mode – and can really hurt people – especially fast, strong and vicious dogs like pitbulls which will, rip and tear flesh, and get a serious grip, not letting go. What about packs of dogs? I have seen them travelling in Asian countries and it is straight up scary.

  3. dreamgetter13 says:

    I think this might be awesome in an MMA match where you can set it up with prior take downs and such like chess. I LOVE a good setup like kicking low… and then going up to the head while looking like you're going low again, or using some knee techniques and then fooling them with a superman punch etc… But doing this in a street fight, I don't know about that I don't think that would be a great idea but it could work if your fast and agile and you're fighting someone slower and not nearly as quick as you are.

  4. Mike Granato says:

    Wouldn't spinning be dangerous in a fight? When we got into the more advanced black belt only courses in tkd the first thing we were taught was that the majority of the "flashy" and spinning moves are not viable in an actual fight. Thoughts?

  5. Tyler Lalonde says:

    umm yeah I call bs. spinning and backward elbows are not smart moves. the spinning exposes your back and the reverse elbow I don't like because you see very likely to but your funny nerve so your arm goes dead.

  6. mmaposer says:

    this move isnt very good for the streets. its useful when someone defends a takedown by reaching down for underhooks or sprawling.untrained fighters will probably just get taken down. the setup isnt gonna work on them cause they are too stupid to know how to defend the takedown correctly

  7. matt mockingbird says:

    because trying fancy moves which take years to master are great for defending yourself in a street situation better off keeping it simple unless your well versed in spinning attacks and our 100% sure of your surroundings

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